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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
September 27, 2006

Front Page Photo by Peaches (Naona) Wallin

Fall in the Rainforest
Fog on Ward Lake
Front Page Photo by Peaches (Naona) Wallin

Top Stories
U.S. News
U.S. Politics


Ketchikan: October Evacuation Exercises Planned for Ketchikan - On October 6th and 7th and again on October 21st, multiple agencies from throughout the Ketchikan area will come together and work as one during "EvacAlt-2006".

Assistant KFD Fire Chief Jim Hill stated in a news release that for several months, representatives from The City of Ketchikan, Ketchikan General Hospital, Ketchikan Indian Community, The Alaska Division of Public Health, The Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Ketchikan Public Utilities, and The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District have been preparing an exercise that will test our local response capabilities regarding evacuation, mass-immunization, and alternative care sites for the sick or injured.

Hill said there will also be a law enforcement component, emergency medical services will be tested, Ketchikan's EOC (Emergency Operations Center) will be operational, and for several hours we will evaluate our strengths and weaknesses regarding disaster response and what we need to do to improve.

"On October 6 and 7 we will have an evacuation scenario and we will also be providing actual patient care at what is called an "Alternate Care Facility," said Hill.

Hill said, "We will also be exercising our local capabilities regarding "Mass-Immunization" on October 21st at The Mall." According to HIll, local citizens will be given a "free" flu shot that day between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. He said citizens need to know that this is not the normal vaccination process and things will be hectic. "We will be practicing/ preparing for an "outbreak" event and we will be processing folks very quickly', said Asst. Fire Hill. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Craig: IFA Northern Route Exceeds Projections - Revenues generated by the M/V Stikine on the Inter-Island Ferry Authority's new northern route exceeded vessel variable operating expenses by approximately $20,000 in the first summer season of service, it was announced Monday by IFA general manager Tom Briggs. Variable operating expenses include crew, fuel, supplies and terminal operations. Fixed and administrative costs are recorded separately.

A total of 4,122 passengers and 1,039 vehicles were transported between Coffman Cove, Wrangell and Petersburg between May 18 and September 17. Revenues generated for this period were $260,423, nearly $25,000 more than the $236,000 budgeted. A daily round-trip between the three communities was provided each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Alaska: State-Funded Knik Bridge Authority Doles Out 38 percent Pay Raises To Top Executives - Recently obtained public records show that a state-created bridge authority met in secret this summer, and voted to give its top executives salary increases of up to 38 percent according to Rep. Les Gara who represents Government Hill in the Legislature. One official at the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority ("KABATA") received a $40,000 pay increase.

Rep. Les Gara (D-Anchorage) stated, "Public employees with $100,000 jobs don't need $35,000 raises. Something is wrong with this picture."  - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006


International: Possible delay in stricter entry rules along U.S-Canada border By PAUL KORING - Millions of border-crossing but passport-less Canadians and Americans can relax until mid-2009 if, as now seems likely, Congress delays imposing tough new entry rules for land and sea borders.

"If it is delayed, it's a victory for diplomacy," Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in Ottawa, crediting Prime Minister Stephen Harper for pushing the issue with President Bush.

"Mayors on both sides of the border, governors and premiers and elected people at all levels have been trying to impress upon the Americans to take another look at this and to delay it," Day said. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Science: Testosterone-triggered brain-cell death behind ''roid rage' By LEE BOWMAN - In a new finding that appears to confirm observations of "'roid rage" in steroid users, Yale University researchers report that high levels of testosterone can result in a catastrophic loss of brain cells.

Taking large doses of androgens, or steroids, is known to cause hyper-excitability, a highly aggressive nature and suicidal tendencies. Such behavioral changes could be evidence of altered brain-cell function caused by the steroids, said Barbara Ehrlich, senior author of the study published Wednesday in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. She is a professor of pharmacology and physiology at Yale's School of Medicine. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Science: Brain gets better with age, study finds By SUE VORENBERG - It turns out the brain is more like fine wine than cheap beer - it gets better and more sophisticated with age, according to a new University of New Mexico study.

The body stops producing gray matter - the stuff the brain's thinking lobes are made out of - at about age 16.

But white matter - the connective fiber between the lobes that allows parts of the brain to interact with each other - continues to grow until about age 45, according to the study by UNM's Health Sciences Center and New Mexico VA Health Care Systems.

"It looks like in some ways people between ages 35 to 45 are actually at their prime in terms of brain development," said Cheryl Aine, a UNM researcher and lead author of a paper that details the findings in the Oct. 1 issue of the journal NeuroImage.

Scientists used to think it was all downhill for the brain after the teenage years, because gray matter stops developing and shrinks as people enter their 20s, Aine said.

In the study, scientists looked at that theory more closely, by imaging the brains of people in three age groups - people 20-29, 35-45 and those over 60.

They found that gray matter becomes more refined, and the white matter "superhighway" that sends information between them actually keeps growing well into adulthood. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Asset Builder of the Month

Asset Builder of the Month:
Doug Edwards

Culinary Arts teacher Doug Edwards with several of his Culinary Arts students.

Ketchikan: Asset Builder of the Month: Doug Edwards - Doug Edwards, the Culinary Arts teacher at Ketchikan High School, has been nominated and has been selected as a powerful "Asset Builder" by PATCHWORKS for the month of September.

Edwards' students speak very highly of him using words such as optimistic, understanding, helpful, encouraging, and an excellent teacher. He not only teaches cooking, but also respectfulness, important social skills, and a sense of independence. They say he is a great role model who enjoys his relationships with students. He gives them a sense of purpose and a positive view of their personal future. At least one current student plans to become a chef due to his experiences with Mr. Edwards. He has high expectations of all of his students and cares deeply about them. In addition, through his positive interactions with all of the students at the High School either in the kitchen or the Commons, he is helping to create a caring school environment. - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006

Match of the Month

Match of the Month
"Big Sister" Christine and "Little Sister" Sarah In front of Ketchikan's "Raven Stealing The Sun" totem pole
Photo by Nancy Coggins

Ketchikan: Match of the Month - September 2006 By NANCY COGGINS - "Big Sister" Christine and "Little Sister" Sarah live "in the moment." Matched in the Community Program of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska - Ketchikan (BBBS of SEAK - KTN), they meet two to four times a month. They have fun on the same page, which happens to be the menu page since one of their favorite activities is eating breakfast together.

Magic happens when these two share special, relaxing times. Christine appreciates time just hanging out with Sarah, chatting about their lives. There's no drama, just laid-back, unstructured get-togethers. When they meet, they spontaneously decide what they're going to do. Meeting for breakfast gives them plenty of time for movies or other activities such as a visit to the library.

Playing with Christine's two Chihuahua puppies on the baseball field is a joy for Sarah. She says, "The Chihuahuas keep barking at other dogs for 15 minutes, even after the others have long disappeared!"

Sarah's mother regards their special friendship as "almost like family." She says, "They spend quality time together, and, in Christine, Sarah has a friend who likes to be with her and in whom she can confide." - More...
Wednesday - September 27, 2006



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09/27/06 - Wednesday - 6:00 pm: Ketchikan School Board meeting - City Council Chambers - Agenda (PDF)

09/28/06 - Thursday - 8:30am - The State Board of Education will hold a teleconference meeting at the Legislative Information Office, 50 Front Str. Suite 203. Public testimony will be from 8:30-9:00am.

09/29/06 - Friday - 5-7:30 pm - White Cliff Project Information Session - Ted Ferry Civic Center.

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Columns - Commentary

Dave Kiffer: "Men In Trees" - Ketchikan's own A.J. Slagle got a "shout out" last week on national television.

Slagle was mentioned in an episode of a new television series that is "set" in Alaska called "Men in Trees." The premise of the show is that a "relationship" expert sees her relationship implode and she ends up in Alaska, where the sexual ratio is so out of whack that there are "men in trees."

During the early part of the episode, Anne Heche - the New York expert - is talking on a radio call in show and she thanks the last caller "A.J. from Ketchikan."

It seems that last year a writer for the show was in Ketchikan doing some research and met with some local families - including the Slagles - for local "color."

She also met with Elmo Guerrero's family and the show is set in the fictional town of "Elmo, Alaska." That may be just a coincidence, but I think not.

"Men in Trees" or at least the first episode was mildly diverting, but already it is coming up short when compared the rest of the world's last attempt to "televise" Alaska, "Northern Exposure." - More...
Monday PM - September 25, 2006

Dan K. Thomasson: The best security money can buy - An incident occurred here the other day that reveals just how illusory true security can be even in an age of paranoia where every precaution, no matter how expensive, is taken to ward off the terrorist who lurks around every corner.

A wild eyed, drug impaired man in an SUV crashed through a police barricade, dashed up the East Front steps of the U.S. Capitol and led police on a three-story chase that ended when a civilian employee corralled him and handed him over to a small army of Capitol policemen. It turned out the man had a loaded handgun stuck in the waist of his trousers, but thankfully had made no effort to use it.

Now anyone outside the Beltway might consider this a minor affair that ended without injury or loss of life, a result that seems increasingly rare at a time when firearms are nearly as common as pocketknives used to be and even the tiniest fracas can end in death. The system worked here. Right? Wrong. That opinion fails to take into account the fact that just since the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on America, U.S. taxpayers have been billed a cool $2 billion to secure the well being of those who represent them in Congress. - More...
Monday PM - - September 25, 2006

Dick Morris: Wake Up Call For GOP Or Snooze Alarm For Dems - With the Gallup Poll showing a spike in Bush's approval ratings and a narrowing of the gap between Democrats and Republicans in party congressional preferences, a looming question is how enduring the change is. Will it last until November?

Presidential-support scores and party ballot preferences are notoriously fickle, often swinging one way or another in a matter of weeks. I recall vividly how Clinton felt that his ratings had improved after his orchestration of a Mideast peace accord between Jordan and Israel one week before the 1994 elections. He returned home buoyed by the uptick and determined to campaign for deserving Democrats. But his campaigning backfired and made the newly minted statesman seem like a party politician and his ratings dropped again, paving the way for the '94 debacle for the Democrats. - More...
Monday PM - September 25, 2006

Tom Purcell: Conspiracy Theory - "I think Howard Dean did it."

"Pardon me?"

"Howard Dean was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks ­ he and Teddy Kennedy."

"Have you lost your mind? Nineteen religious fanatics attacked us on 9/11. They did so under the direction of Osama Bin Laden, who hopes a Taliban-style government will rule the world. That's all there is to it."

"Then why, according to a Scripps-Howard poll, do 36 percent of Americans think our government either allowed 9/11 to happen or did it themselves?"

"Do you really believe our government would massacre more than 3,000 innocent people ­ AND be able to conceal it from the world?"

"Absolutely! Time magazine outlines some common conspiracy scenarios. The first is that the World Trade Center towers weren't brought down by a couple of planes, but by strategically placed bombs." - More...
Monday PM - September 25, 2006

Steve Brewer: Back to school and back in debt - Back-to-school shopping always seems like a summertime taste of Christmas.

Such a haul: new clothes, new sneakers, new backpack, new lunchbox. Bright yellow pencils and crisp white paper.

For the kids, it's as if Santa came to visit in his vacation clothes. For the parents, though, it can be a nail-biting, heartburn-inducing exercise in breaking the bank.

Small kids demand that all clothes and school supplies come decorated with trademarked characters from Marvel or Mattel or Disney or Nintendo. No matter which character your child loves best, all the goods bearing that likeness sold out last February.

If parents try to inflict anything else - plain T-shirts, for example, or a notebook decorated with Barney instead of Pikachu - the children will roll on the floor, howl and kick their little feet.

It's easy to spot those kids' parents. They're the nomads wandering from store to store, weeping and clutching handfuls of their own hair.

If you're lucky enough to stumble upon a hoard of the correct goods, the sticker shock will make your eyes jump out of your head and roll around the floor. Ten bucks for a binder? Thirty bucks for little bitty jeans? Sixty dollars for sneakers?

Before you know it, you've racked up a credit card debt that won't be paid off until the little beggars are off to college. - More...
Monday PM - September 25, 2006

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