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Talbot's Building Supply      1101 Tongass Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska

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We Carry A Complete Line of Building Supplies: Tools, Lumber, Plywood, Roofing, Doors, Paneling, Plumbing, Electrical, Garden, Paint, Windows, Decking, Stain and much more...


We also carry a large selection of feeds and supplies for rabbits, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, parrots, dogs, cats, etc.

We carry Albers® Animal Feed for poultry and rabbits which is made from the finest quality ingredients and formulated to provide your animals with the proper balance of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

Albers® All Purpose Poultry and Water Fowl
Albers® Broiler Starter/Finisher Non Medicated
Albers® Chick Start/Grow 18%
Albers® Scratch Grains
Albers® Country Layer
Albers® Rabbit

Proper management and a good nutritional program is the key to successful animal raising.


jpg Timothy hay


Timothy Hay is 10% protein and is a good source of copper and zinc. It has a good balance of protein and energy. Grass hays like timothy hay should be the main component in rabbit and guinea pig diets. The seed heads contain protein and the stems are an important source of roughage.


jpg Straw

Straw isn't just used for gardening or bedding. High quality straw like ours can be used as a feed supplement. It can be mixed in with alfalfa hay, molasses or grain to add roughage and extend your feed bill dollar.



jpg Pittsburgh Paints

Pittsburgh Paints

Buy Quality, Buy Value


Olympic Paints & Stains


Rated #1
America's Most Trusted Brand Since 1938.


Interior and Exterior Paint and Painting suppllies...

Saws, saw blades...

Drill bits, power tools, and much more....

Carpentry Tools...

Nuts and bolts - including stainless...

Pet supplies to meet your pets every need...
Supplies for dogs, cats, small birds, bunnies, geese, goats, horses...
Fresh hay, pet bedding, fencing, kennels, bird cages. and much more...

Lumber for all your building needs...