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Stop Schoencliff 2
By John Beck


September 19, 2006

A few concerns from a simple guy.

1. The sales tax will never go away even after the bonds are paid off.

2. The seniors don't pay at least this new 1/2 percent sales tax.

3. Only 5% of the seniors on this island use the Senior Center.

4. From the engineers' report. "Up to 40% of the wood behind the stucco face may need to be replaced." What does that mean?

5. From the engineers' report. "This project does not lend itself to phased construction." Construction in stages is exactly what is being proposed.

6. There has been no accountability for the Schoenbar School disaster. Shouldn't someone lose their job over that?

7. 14 million and $250000.00 a year to maintain it? Let's tear it down and build a new building that will be built to meet the needs of the community. Don't take a herring and try and turn it into a king. Money does not fix all problems!


John Beck
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "My only expertise is common sense."



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