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Ketchikan: University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan Students to Graduate - The 2014 commencement ceremony for University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Ketchikan students will be held Saturday, May 3 at 3:00 PM at the Ted Ferry Civic Center. The public is invited to attend.

This year’s commencement keynote speaker is Evon Zerbetz. UAS Chancellor John Pugh, UAS Ketchikan Campus Director Priscilla Schulte, and University of Alaska Board of Regents members Dale Anderson of Juneau and Jyotsna Heckman of Fairbanks will bestow degrees at the ceremony.

Twenty-five students are receiving degrees this spring. University of Alaska students living in Ketchikan and receiving degrees from other University of Alaska campuses are invited to participate in the local ceremony. - More.. .
Wednesday PM - April 23, 2014

Ketchikan: 15th Annual Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship Concert: "Jazz Night" - The Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship Concert, "Jazz Night", will take place on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 7:00 P.M. at Ketchikan High School.

The Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship fund, established in the Spring 2000, was established to honor the late Jerry Galley, a young man who was well loved in the Ketchikan community. Each year the annual concert raises money to help Ketchikan High School seniors pursue the arts in college.

Donations for the 15th annual Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship Concert will accepted at the door. Money goes toward a scholarship for college bound arts students. There have been 20 recipients of the Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship, including three who have graduated with degrees in Music Education, and three who have degrees in Music Performance.

The Windjammers and Soundwaves bands will be playing jazz, rock, blues, ballads, and latin music for your enjoyment.

Soundwaves will begin the program with a Lester Young swing tune, "Lester Leaps In" followed by "Slane" which is a bossa nova style piece. "El Taco Loco" is a blazing latin/rock selection and "Touchdown Tony" is a rock style tribute to the famous Dallas football quarterback. "La Suerte de Los Tontos" was written for the Stan Kenton Band. The title means "Fortune of Fools" and is unusual in that it is in six-eight time. "Stars In the Southern Sky" is an alto saxophone feature played by Anna Warmuth. Famous composer/arranger Sammy Nestico wrote the final to the Soundwaves set-a hard-swinging tune, "The Heat's On". - More...
Wednesday PM - April 22, 2014

Southeast Alaska: Fishing Corporation Guilty of Illegal Fishing - Fishermen’s Finest Inc., a Washington based corporation and owner, operator of multiple commercial trawling vessels, pleaded guilty in a Cordova Court Monday to illegal fishing with Non-Pelagic Trawl gear in state waters that were closed to the use of trawl gear.

An investigation initiated by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers Statewide Wildlife Investigations Unit revealed that on two occasions, in July of 2010 and again in July of 2011, the F/V US Intrepid harvested a total of over 56,000 pounds of lingcod by catch in waters of the Eastern Gulf of Alaska by use of Non-Pelagic Trawl gear during a federal fishery. While a majority of the lingcod was released, 11,000 pounds were retained and sold commercially, running the corporation afoul with state law. The F/V US Intrepid is a 186 foot catcher/processer vessel owned and operated by Fisherman’s Finest LLC.


“In just one week, this one vessel illegally harvested approximately 70 percent of the entire lingcod quota for the Super Exclusive Icy Bay Subdistrict Lingcod fishery,” said Alaska Wildlife Troopers Sergeant Brent Johnson. “This case highlights the importance of Wildlife Investigations Unit as it was specifically created to investigate these types of high value cases involving commercial users of Alaska’s fish and wildlife resources.” - More...
Wednesday PM - April 23

Alaska: Pollock oil research yields new diet supplement By SUE KELLER - A new process that purifies Alaska pollock liver oil has resulted in a commercially produced diet supplement.

Alex Oliveira, associate professor with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program in the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, developed the molecular distillation process.

“The major leap is to have Alaska pollock oil break into the nutraceutical market, which is still expanding yearly, and the shift in application for pollock oils,” said Oliveira. Pollock is by far the highest-volume fishery in Alaska, and using pollock livers to produce a high purity nutraceutical makes environmental sense and increases the value of the fishery.

American Marine Ingredients, a subsidiary of American Seafoods Co., adapted Oliveira’s distillation process and recently released the product 54°North Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 in capsule form. In the recent past, American Seafoods mainly used pollock oil for biofuel in boilers onboard their vessels. The boilers did not consume all the oil. With the potential availability of excess pollock oil, the industry looked to producing oil for human consumption.

Molecular distillation (also called short path distillation) differs substantially from traditional processing used to purify fish oil, in that it does not require use of chemicals and generates virtually no processing waste. Oliveira’s work was supported by a grant from the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center. Funding for PCCRC projects comes from several seafood processing companies that operate in Alaska. - More...
Wednesday PM - April 23, 2014


Alaska: Integrating unmanned aircraft into public life By DIANA CAMPBELL - Eyal Saiet’s job is looking for the sweet spot - that connection between machine and science that makes sense.

Integrating unmanned aircraft into public life

USCG Ice Breaker Liberty - An unmanned aircraft is launched.
Photo courtesy UAF - Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Integration

For instance, Saiet is thinking of flying an unmanned aircraft through the blow of a surfacing bowhead whale to collect mucus samples. The samples will tell biologists the health, sex and fertility of the migrating behemoth returning to Alaska waters.

Obviously, the craft would be launched from a boat, but he ponders how the mucus should be collected. A pop-open vial or somehow scraped off the aircraft, he mulls.

And what responsibilities will the humans involved have? So many pieces to put together with a potentially marvelous payout.

“So you have an aircraft,” said Saiet, a researcher at the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Integration at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

“What can you do with it? What story can you tell now that you couldn’t before?”

He and Lara Horstmann-Dehn, a UAF assistant professor of marine biology, have the vision. Now they are waiting for news of funding.

While government entities, such as UAF, have access to flying the unmanned vehicles, there is nothing comprehensive in place for the public use of the aircraft. Aircraft has to be tested for airworthiness under many conditions just as helicopters and airplanes. Pilots or operators must have training and certification.

But ideas for their commercial use are endless. Some companies, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, have announced their interest in the vehicles. - More...
Wednesday PM - April 22, 2014


Columns - Commentary

DANNY TYREE: Arlington National Cemetery: 150 Years of Service - In the 40-plus years since my paternal grandparents passed away, I have often wondered about the status of Shiloh Cemetery, which was nestled on the hilltop above their humble farmhouse.

Recently, my hometown newspaper, the Marshall County (TN) Tribune, brought me up to date. Decades of neglect, weather and wandering cattle have left Shiloh Cemetery (not to be confused with the graveyard at Shiloh National Military Park) in a shambles, with broken headstones and no way to identify most of the approximately 70 people buried there.

The sad fate of Shiloh Cemetery (final resting place of civilians, Confederate veterans and one Revolutionary War veteran) makes it all the more meaningful that we have a well-maintained treasure such as Arlington National Cemetery, which celebrates its 150th anniversary with special events in May and June.

Ideally, one would have the time, money and health to visit the historic site this year, and see the "eternal flame" at the grave of President Kennedy or the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Failing that, there are other ways to mark the sesquicentennial — and not just the perennials of "thank a veteran, write to active military personnel and exercise your hard-won right to vote."

Perhaps late spring 2014 is a good time to tone down the over-the-top rhetoric. It cheapens the sacrifices of our war casualties and deceased veterans when every social trend you dislike is a "war on fill-in-the-blank," and when every policymaker you disagree with is a "Hitler."

Signs scattered around Arlington request "Silence and Respect." Would it be asking too much that we turn down the volume on our teeth-rattling car stereos, refrain from gratuitous public profanity, "measure twice and cut once" before speaking ill of another person and carve out five minutes a day for noise-free, self-respecting contemplation? - More...
Wednesday PM - April 23, 2014


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letter Let the public vote on minimum wage By Betsy Chivers - Fellow Alaskans, please urge all senators to oppose HB 384, the minimum wage bill! I’m pleased that the legislature has finally looked at the salary of a full-time minimum wage worker and realized that a person living on $16,120 lives in poverty. However, low-wage workers have been disregarded for so long that they have a right to be wary when the legislature all of a sudden sees the light and embraces an increase to the indecently low minimum wage. Is their intention just to snatch this issue off the ballot? I believe so. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter RE: Annoying sign holders By David Jensen - The "sign holders" had less to do with me as an individual who believes that ending a human life for convenience is "Murder" than Marie Zellmer's letter that called anyone that does not agree with her opinion "Idiots". I would like to apologize to the organizers and participants of the "Forty Days For Life" demonstration if I didn't make this fact abundantly clear in my first letter. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter Completeing an anti-abortion thought By Marie Zellmer - I have refrained from using names in my postings, to be sensitive to other people's lives, but I must say one last thing to Rob Holston. I believe that anyone who would post the insensitive and horrible things you have posted needs to see a councilor. I am speaking not about his cause, because everyone has the right to believe what they want, and if he wants to think abortion is murder, that is his right. What I have an issue with is how he is presenting his beliefs. I mean wanting to chop up living, breathing puppies is a bad sign. Calling me a murderer, who is duped by the medical profession and science means that something does need to be addressed, but not by me. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter Proposed law to legalize Marijuana By Marvin Seibert - Once again another state, namely Alaska will vote on the opportunity to play Russian roulette with 2 bullets in the chamber instead of one. I have always heard the argument that Alcohol is more addictive than Marijuana, even if that was true do we really need another legal way to get stoned and check out of a useful life in society? - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter Ball fields By Susan Dornblaser - Mr. Lanham, I have walked at North Point Higgins and Weiss fields and the trail to Coast Guard beach for 7 years now every morning before or at daybreak. Ardie and I kept all the feces and ball players disgusting refuse picked up for a minimum of 5 years. You have noticed the excess feces but that is a very limited amount of refuse left out there. I clean up duck heads and duck bodies with duck tape on them out of the field also. No one will ever teach the geese to pick up after themselves. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter Ketchikan's north end dogs By Paul Alberts - I was set aback by this letter as I read one complain about dog crap so much. Spend a little more time with your family and push spay and neutering (or pay to help someone's pet) instead of spending all of your time on some dumb hunting dog stuff. No mention of actually hunting with your dogs or family. what a waste of time and money for one's family. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 22, 2014

letter Minimum Wage: Let the People Have a Voice By Daniel Repasky - We, the Citizens of Alaska, by initiative have made the effort to see a modest minimum wage increase placed on the ballot for Voters to decide in election. We believe it that important. It’s not often that the people express their desire for a change in law by petition although this year seems to be a banner year, what with SB21, the Marijuana Initiative, and minimum wage all headed for a vote of the people. AO-37 was another such issue. Over 20,000 voters made the effort to change a bad law. The Assembly majority in Anchorage and Mayor Sullivan did everything it could to frustrate Anchorage’s votes (at taxpayer expense) and successfully delayed this vote until November. Our hope is that those 20,000 voters who signed the initiative/referendum will remember this and vote accordingly whenever Mayor Sullivan’s name appears on a ballot. - More...
Wednesday AM - April 16, 2014

letter Shopping dogs... By Dixie Rhodes - After reading the letter sent in by Laura Attwood, I decided to put in my own two cents. I've noticed a trend recently for people to bring their small dogs into grocery stores while they shop. I know that there are certified therapy dogs and service dogs in Ketchikan. I understand that there are people that need the help that therapy / service dogs provide. I have no problem with that. My problem is when I see people inside a grocery store with their puppy or small breed dog. Clearly, these are not service or therapy dogs. - More...
Wednesday AM - April 16, 2014

letter North End Dog Owners By Joseph Lanham - I love dogs by choice. I think you would be hard pressed to find more than a hand full of people that spend more time training and working with their dog than I do. I am commanded by God to love their owners ☺. This is more difficult. - More...
Wednesday AM - April 16, 2014

letter Alaska Fair Project By Michael Goodner - My name is Michael Goodner, and I am a third grader from Anselmo-Merna School in Merna, NE. I am nine years old. My class is having a States Fair and I have drawn your state to research. - More...
Wednesdsay AM - April 16, 2014

letter For the birds By Victoria McDonald - After years of picking up dead birds that have broken their necks after hitting my windows, I might have found something that will prevent their deaths. - More...
Wednesday AM - April 16, 2014

letter Prohibitions on same-sex marriage are inconsistent with freedom, justice, liberty and equality By Hollis French - Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These simple words, found in the Declaration of Independence, helped forge the ideals embedded in the United States Constitution -- a constitution that is the envy of the free world. Why? Because it stands as the finest example of humanity's commitment to freedom and equality. - More...
Wednesday AM - April 16, 2014

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