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Front Page Photo By CINDY BALZER

Bear Hugs
While feeding in the Herring Cove area, these black bear cubs want some mama hugs after being frightened by a large salmon.
Front Page Photo By CINDY BALZER ©2014
(Please respect the rights of photographers, never republish or copy
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Alaska: New study shows Alaska fisheries and communities at risk from ocean acidification - Ocean acidification is driving changes in waters vital to Alaska’s valuable commercial fisheries and subsistence way of life, according to new NOAA-led research that will be published online in Progress in Oceanography.

Note: Areas in red are high risk.
Individual components of the final ocean acidification risk index for each census area showing the communities with the highest risk are in the Southeast and Southwest of the state.
Credit: NOAA

Many of Alaska’s nutritionally and economically valuable marine fisheries are located in waters that are already experiencing ocean acidification, and will see more in the near future, the study shows. Communities in southeast and southwest Alaska face the highest risk from ocean acidification because they rely heavily on fisheries that are expected to be most affected by ocean acidification, and have underlying factors that make those communities more vulnerable, such as lower incomes and fewer employment opportunities.

The term “ocean acidification” describes the process of ocean water becoming more acidic as a result of absorbing nearly a third of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from human sources. This change in ocean chemistry is affecting marine life, particularly the ability of shellfish, corals and small creatures in the early stages of the food chain to build skeletons or shells.

Studies show that red king crab and tanner crab, two important Alaskan fisheries, grow more slowly and don’t survive as well in more acidic waters. Alaska’s coastal waters are particularly vulnerable to ocean acidification because of cold water that can absorb more carbon dioxide, and unique ocean circulation patterns which bring naturally acidic deep ocean waters to the surface.

“We went beyond the traditional approach of looking at dollars lost or species impacted; we know these fisheries are lifelines for native communities and what we’ve learned will help them adapt to a changing ocean environment,” said Jeremy Mathis, Ph.D., co-lead author of the study, an oceanographer at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle, and the director of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Ocean Acidification Research Center.

The research presented in the new study examines the potential effects on a state where the fishing industry supports over 100,000 jobs and generates more than $5 billion in annual revenue and helps maintain the U.S. balance of trade in the global economy. Additionally, approximately 120,000 people or roughly 17 percent of Alaskans rely on subsistence fisheries for most, if not all of their dietary protein. Fishery-related tourism also brings in $300 million annually. - More...
Tuesday - July 29, 2014

“Headlights On At All Times” Signs Coming to Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska: “Headlights On At All Times” Signs Coming to Southeast Alaska - The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is installing new “Headlights On At All Times” signs in seven southeast Alaska communities this summer.

The signs will inform motorists to use their headlights while driving in specific areas, regardless of conditions or the time of day. The purpose of the new signs is to make Alaska’s roads safer by reducing crashes.

According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, approximately 15 Alaskans die annually in head-on crashes. Research indicates that signage and compliance could eliminate 7-15 percent of these crashes. The "Headlights On At All Times" signs aim to reduce the risk of daytime collisions by making vehicles more noticeable to oncoming traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Daytime running headlight signs have been instrumental in a statewide effort to decrease daytime crashes since 2011, according to the Alaska Department of Transportation.

The Alaska Department of Transportation selected specific highway corridors for Southeast Alaska based on proximity to Alaska Marine Highway System terminals and border crossings, remoteness, crash history and traffic volume. The black and white signs will designate "Headlights On At All Times" at the following locations:

Ketchikan: North Tongass Hwy – MP 1 (400ft north of 50mph speed zone) to Pandora’s Lane intersection (MP 13.2), South Tongass Hwy - Cemetery Rd intersection (MP 3.1) to 1.8 miles south of Whitman Creek Bridge (MP 13)

Prince of Wales Island: Klawock Hollis Hwy - Port St Nicholas Rd intersection (MP 0.9) to Hollis Ferry Terminal (MP 30.4) - More...
Monday - July 28, 2014


Fish Factor: Woman Inspired To Make Fish Skin Baskets By LAINE WELCH - Audrey Armstrong of Galena remembers the day she was first inspired to make beautiful things from salmon skins. It was September 4, 2002 and she was mesmerized by a king salmon she had caught.

Woman Inspired To Make Fish Skin Baskets

Audrey Armstrong with a fish skin basket

“The colors were so beautiful, and I said to myself, I know a long time ago they used to make garments and baskets and different containers out of fish skin. I wonder if I could make something out of this skin. And that is how I started,” Armstrong said in a phone interview.

It was difficult to learn the traditional techniques, as the history for the old ways was lost.

“There was nothing really written. And I think the oldest piece I saw from my culture was from 1849. It was a child’s mittens made out of fish skins. They are so beautiful. So now the majority of us working with fish skin it is all by trial and error, and by talking to other people who are working with fish skin and trying to bring it back. We are all learning from each other,” she said. - More...
Monday - July 28, 2014

Fish Factor: Opportunities to shape fisheries policy; New fish advisor; & Fish funds By LAINE WELCH - Nowhere in the world do people have more say in shaping fisheries policy than in Alaska. While the outcomes might get mixed rants and reviews, no one is ever denied the chance to state ideas, concerns and gripes to decision makers.

Several opportunities are available right now. First off, a revised draft of the Magnuson-Stevens Act was just released for public review and comment. The MSA is the primary federal law that governs all fisheries management in U.S. waters; it is undergoing reauthorization targeted for completion at the end of this year.

Comments will be taken until the bill moves through the Senate to the full Congress for final action. Find more information at the Dept. of Commerce Comments also can be sent to Sen. Mark Begich, who chairs the Senate committee on Oceans, Fisheries and Coast Guard. - More...
Monday - July 28, 2014


Alaska: Alaska Judge Rejects Bearded Seals' 'Threatened' Status - Alaska industry, Alaska Native groups, and state and local governments scored a significant win Friday when U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline ruled that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) listing of the U.S. Arctic population of bearded seals under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was “inherently arbitrary and capricious.” The court ordered the listing action by NMFS immediately vacated.

Alaska Judge Rejects Bearded Seals' 'Threatened' Status

Kotzebue Area: Bearded Seal
Photo courtesy NOAA Fisheries

In a consolidated lawsuit led by the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) and the American Petroleum Institute, a coalition of the oil and gas industry, Alaska Native groups, Alaska governments, argued that NMFS’s decision to list the Beringia subpopulation of bearded seals as a species threatened with extinction was unprecedented and unlawful.

Plaintiffs contended that the listing decision was based on speculation about what could happen in a century as a result of global climate change, if the species responds in a manner that has not been observed, and if the theoretical future impact on the species is of a magnitude that is scientifically impossible to determine.

Judge Beistline agreed. “After reviewing the voluminous record and the applicable caselaw, the Court has determined that the action of NMFS listing the Beringia [subpopulation] of bearded seals was ‘arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law.’”

Judge Beistline emphasized that “the lack of any articulated discernable, quantified threat of extinction within the reasonably foreseeable future” was a critical failing of NMFS’s listing decision. The court also held the agency’s listing decision was procedurally defective in failing to comply with a statutory duty to adequately consider and respond to comments submitted by the State of Alaska. - More...
Monday - July 28, 2014


Columns - Commentary

jpg DAVE KIFFERDAVE KIFFER: Hey, I can see the Bridge to Nowhere from my house! - Just the other day a visitor asked me about the Bridge to Nowhere.

Specifically, he wanted to see it. Like former Governor Palin, the Bridge to Nowhere just refuses to go away.

I personally would love to see the Bridge to Nowhere get its own commentary spot on Fox News. I bet it would have a lot to say. Especially about the former Governor.

But I digress.

Of course, I could have spent some time explaining to the interested gentleman that the proposed Ralph M. Bartholomew Veterans Memorial Bridge is not a bridge to nowhere, it is a bridge to the future for our community.

But his eyes would have just glazed over and he would have lost his will to live when I started prattling excitedly about supplement draft environmental impact statements and alternatives 1-272.

The Bridge and the former Governor have both reached that legendary status where if the fable is better than the facts, print the fable. I anxiously await the day when someone asks me if “I can see The Bridge to Nowhere from my house.”
- More...
Monday - July 28, 2014

jpg JEFF LUNDJEFF LUND: Breaking in a greenhorn - No matter how many dudes from California come up and no many how many times those dudes have been here, it never gets old.

I know it’s not necessarily proper to use the word “dude” in the journalistic world, but I’ll never be mistaken for a sophisticated wordsmith, and “dude” fits what fathers and husbands become when they set foot on an island with more shootable bucks than people.

Troy came up with a duo of veterans, so I kept a close eye on him because the purity of the greenhorn reactions are what it’s all about. They are also a good reminder of what I take for granted.

“Haven’t seen a bald eagle yet.”

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to point them out.” - More...
Monday - July 28, 2014


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letter FOREST SERVICE RECREATION BUDGET CUTS WILL HURT ALASKA TOURISM By Dale Pihlman - The misdirection of operating funds in the U.S. Forest Service's current budget will hurt wilderness based tour businesses in Southeast Alaska. - More...
Tuesday - July 29, 2014

letter Vote for Agnes Moran By Gary Wilken - I have had the pleasure to work with Agnes Moran in recent years in her efforts to achieve greater fairness and equity in State funding of K-12 education. Her dedication, commitment to public service, intelligence, and determination are evident to anyone who, like I, has worked with her. - More...
Tuesday - July 29, 2014

letter Ketchikan bridge fishing By Tom Greninger - In reference to Ketchikan bridge fishing: I strongly support the tradition of fishing from the bridge, it gives youngsters, old timers (sourdoughs) and the tourists a lot of pleasure. I note that several regulars offer their poles, with a salmon attached, to bystanders and then release the salmon after it is brought to shore. - More...
Tuesday - July 29, 2014

letter RECALL THE BOROUGH ASSEMBLY AND FIRE THE KETCHIKAN CITY MANAGER By David G. Hanger - I think it appropriate to seriously consider the recall of the five members of the Ketchikan Borough Assembly who voted to give Oceans Alaska $600,000 of Borough money. Please note, I have never previously called for the recall of anybody, but this is nuts. I do not know if these people take their stupid pills just on nights of Ketchikan Assembly meetings, or also on every other day of the week; but this decision is colossal stupidity. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter The Prudent Alaskan Oil Man By Sen. Bert Stedman - During legislative deliberations, advocates of the Senate Bill 21 oil tax consistently used North Dakota as an example of the ideal tax regime that Alaska should emulate. We were told that because of North Dakota’s tax structure they are more competitive than Alaska resulting in huge increases in industry investment and rapid increases in production. If Alaska would just lower its tax to be more aligned with North Dakota, we would also benefit from rapid increases in investment and production. However the oil boom in North Dakota, along with Texas, is a result of the advancement of fracking technology that releases hydrocarbons previously trapped in shale rock and the private land ownership of the surface and subsurface. This boom is not tax driven. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Why I am Voting “Yes” to Repeal S.B. 21 By Bill Walker - When throughput began to decline in 1988, I joined efforts to put more oil into TAPS. I have been to D.C. numerous times working to get ANWR open for exploration. I joined Governor Hickel and others in an epic battle to ensure Phillips Petroleum (now ConocoPhillips) could purchase ARCO, rather than BP, so Alaska could have MORE, not fewer oil companies. By opening the door for ConocoPhillips to come back to Alaska as a third major operator, Alaskans are better off today having them on the North Slope. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Vote Yes. Repeal the Giveaway By Malcolm B. Roberts & Cindy Roberts - Wally Hickel and Jay Hammond, two of Alaska’s strongest and most beloved governors, fought each other politically for 25 years. Wally’s view of Alaska, based on our constitution and the Alaska Statehood Act, was what he called “The Owner State.” Jay called Alaska “The People’s State.” Same difference. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Eloise Jennings Hancock 1901-1924 (Bayview Cemetery) By Victor Jennings Hancock - I enjoyed the feature article by Ms. Allen and the photos by Ms. Pilcher. A day never goes by that I do not think of my mother, Eloise Jennings Hancock, who died on Sept. 12, 1924 and is buried at Bayview. A cryptic note on the Sexton's card notes that she is buried with Ford. She died of complications of a miscarriage, at the age of 23, a truly beautiful young lady. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Friends of Misty Fjords National Monument By Victoria McDonald - Misty Fjords National Monument, set aside in 1978 to protect one of the most unique wild lands in North America, showcases coastal ecosystems ascending to high alpine lakes and rugged mountains. The monument includes eastern Behm Canal, bisecting Revillagegedo Island and the mainland. Behm Canal is extraordinary for its depth and length, highlighted by the towering granite walls of its fjords and the iconic volcanic plug of New Eddystone Rock. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Audit oil companies By John Suter - The state has not done an audit on the oil companies since 2007. The governor does not want to have the state do an audit because it would expose the fact that the free billions of dollars he is giving away is all going out of state. None of it will be spent in Alaska. The money the oil companies’ are spending now in the oil fields was planned a number of years ago and has nothing to do with the free give away of the state’s billions of dollars to them. The governor is doing the smoke and mirrors thing, the empty hoop dance on this and so far it is working. The governor will be richly rewarded by the oil company’s after he is out of office with a cushy high paid job. So he will be personally out on top with this while we will be stuck for years paying income and sales taxes to make up for the loss of income to the state’s budget. The next thing to go will be the dividend check. Some call the governor Captain Zero, but when he gets that high paid job from the oil companies’ after he is out of office, who will be Captain Zero then? - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Drinking Water Unsafe Without a Filtration System By Cheryl Henley- Why is it that the citizens allow the Ketchikan City Council and Mr. Amylon to pass the usage of cancer causing chemicals to be added to the water system? Numerous, people have stood up and fought about this issue in person at councils meetings , and the newspaper. We don't want it, but it sure got shoved down our throats literally. We have to have a safe filtration plant now. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Creek Street Fishing By Marie Zellmer- I was very relieved when I heard that the Red Bridge on Ketchikan's Creek Street would not be closed to fishing. I remember the first time there was a ban put in place after the walkway was expanded, and everyone went down to the bridge. Ketchikanites put their poles in the water in protest, because fishing off the bridge is more than just a pastime, it is a part of our city. A part of our heritage. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter RE: Un-necessary consequences for Marijuana By Anthony Johnson- Mr. Seibert, are you actually suggesting that the masses of children currently attempting to cross the border of Mexico, are actually smuggling Marijuana to be legally sold in Colorado and Washington? Both Washington and Colorado regulate and monitor this new industry from producer to retailer. None of it comes from Mexico. All of it is accounted for, is produced within the State, and goes through rigorous quality control and testing for dangerous chemicals and pesticides. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter RE: Marijuana law By Alan R. McGillvray - Well folks one thing I have figured out over a lifetime, the worst thing about cannabis are the draconian laws against its use and or possession. If caught with almost any amount (esp in Alaska) regardless of the Raven Decision forwarded to us (citizens) by the Supreme Court of our great State, especially our young people are at risk (I'm 69 so catch me if you can). - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter RE: Collateral for City Loans By Amanda Mitchell - Thanks Ralph for the input about the loans, but I am a bit confused. I thought when a person is unable to afford their city imposed taxes the city confiscates his/her PRIVATE property. It seems to me that Mr. Thompson is right, even if what you are saying is correct and the process is a bit different. What is worse is the city can just keep upping the taxes, by either passing an increase and/or raising the assessed value of a home to continue their lavish credit-card-type spending. Ask yourself, what happens when we fault on our ever growing debt? Allowing collateral for our taxes is the backdoor to eroding our sovereignty. We are essentially being sold into servitude to the highest bidder. But since people are not being put up on blocks and sold in a market, many are unaware of what is happening. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Inmate fatalities By Andrée McLeod - It was a huge disappointment for this registered Republican to only see Democrat legislators at the July 15th Legislative Briefing on Inmate Facilities in Alaska’s Correctional Facilities. Chaired by Senator French, the other attendees were Senator Gardner, and Representatives Josephson and Tarr. The Anchorage LIO director confirmed that Representative Tuck, another Democrat, was patched in by teleconference. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter 43 Senators Block the Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act By Barbara McDaniel - Alaska’s Senators Begich and Murkowski did the right thing in the Senate on July 16th when they voted to move S. 2578, The Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act, forward to a final vote. The vote was 56-43, with a majority of senators favoring women’s reproductive health care wants, needs, and rights. However, 60 votes were needed to block a filibuster, so this outstanding bill died. - More...
Thursday - JUly 24, 2014

letter Tax consumption, not income By Amerigo M Cimino - The Fair Tax in the most simple and efficient way to fund Government! The fair Tax is a tax on consumption instead of income! Our country is an incredible consuming country, and we use up natural resources at an alarming rate. Future generations will be mining our landfills. - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

letter Where Does The Seized Cash Go from Drug Raids in Ketchikan? By Bonnie Abbot Allen - I am writing another letter to SitNews due to the number of individuals that contacted me and wanted to lend their appreciation and to let me know that I should not stop on the subject of addiction an drugs in Ketchikan! It took me two months or longer to decide to type my questions I have today, and along with many others in Ketchikan! Where does all the cash go that is seized from drug raids or individuals that are caught with possession of narcotics when they have cash on them? They do lose it, this I know! But where does all the cash and expensive belongings go to? We all know they auction off seized vehicles and have been so, for years here! But I really would like to know the answer to this question! - More...
Thursday - July 24, 2014

Thursday - July 24, 2014

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