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Photo Essay

Kayhi Class of 1964 Holds 40th Reunion
by Louise Harrington


July 12, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Kayhi Class of 1964 gathered over the 4th of July weekend to celebrate their 40th reunion. Sitnews caught up with them during a picnic held at the Ketchikan home of Judy (Henley) Berg (Class of '62). Back in 1964 the editors of the class yearbook wrote in the front: "We, the staff of the 1964 Williwaw, hope you will always find pleasant memories in our book."

photo class of 1964 Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan High School's Class of 1964's Tenth Reunion in 1974...
Photo courtesy of Cheri Weston Davis.

As can be seen in the following photos, the class did indeed appear to find many pleasant memories in their Williwaw. They also appeared to be having a blast.

Cheri (Weston) Davis and Ellen Thorson
chat on the deck.
Cheri was 1964's "Best Natured." 

George Anderson and Leda (Porter) Madison, Kayhi Class of 1964. George was 1964's "Most Courteous" personality.

Leda (Porter) Madison, right, and Fawn (Giles) Arriola, left.

Dick Adams, Fawn (Giles) Arriola and Leda (Porter) Madison check out who's who in their yearbook.

Rowanna (Amundson) Crocker, Kayhi Class of 1964.

Ellen Thorson enjoys the sunshine on Judy (Henley) Berg's deck. Ellen currently works for Alaska Airlines in Seattle. 

Cheryl (Bohannon) Killian and Jack Halm review the yearbook "Williwaw". Jack was 1964's "Most Musical."

Donna (Henley) Maloney enjoys a chat with classmates.

Maida Kelley (Class of '67), Cheryl Killian and Susan Weston review the ubiquitous yearbook.

Rod Davidson and Jack Halm discuss old times. Rod was 1964's "Most Likely to Succeed."

Linda Brice and Rowanna (Amundson) Crocker.
Linda was 1964's "Most Musical."

Wes Morrison is a former mayor of Hydaburg. He was the Class of 1964's "Most Popular" and also president of the Student Body Association.

Gary Croy enjoys a beer and the sunshine. Gary was 1964's "Best Dancer."

Rod Mitchell. Rod was 1964's "Best Natured."

Larry Kubley, right, chats with
Don Ludwigsen (Class of '62).

Maida Kelley (Class of '67).

Cheri (Weston) Davis and Karen (Morris) Mattle.

Rosie Roppel collecting money and photos. George Anderson on the left, adjusting his camera.

Anne (Terhar) Clinton. Anne was 1964's "Best All-Around."

Don Ludwigsen (Class of 1962) on the deck.

Lynn (Gerde) Clay talks with Linda (Cotant) Heller.

Judy (Lemke) McCune with her camera.

Mike Sallee, Class of '64.

Lynn (Gerde) Clay preparing lunch in the kitchen. 

Mary Ida Henrikson (Class of '63).
Ed Marksheffel (Class of '67) on the left.

Karen (Morris) and husband Paul Mattle.

Anne (Terhar) Clinton talks to Patty Singer.


Jim Church, Vice-President of the Class of 1964.

Patti Singer and Cheryl (Bohannon) Killian check out the yearbook. Cheryl was 1964's "Best Dancer."




photo class of '64

The Class of '64 as First Graders at White Cliff...
The first grade teacher was Della Medlin.
Photo courtesy of Lynn Gerde Clay.


40th Reunion Photos Courtesy Class of '64


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