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Kayhi Class of 1965 Reunion
by Louise Brinck Harrington, class of '65
With help and photos from Bob Caldwell, Bill Hollywood, Judy (Hopkins) Guyette, Charlene (Loomis) Taggart, Anne Lucas and Lynn (Leding) Svenson, all class of '65


September 12, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Forty years? FORTY years?

Yep, it's hard to believe!

Geez, where in heck's the time gone?

The Kayhi Class of 1965 celebrated its 40-year Reunion over the Fourth-of-July weekend.

Festivities began with a July 1st get-reacquainted party at the Moose Club where beer and wine flowed-and so did conversation. D' you remember? Aren't you? Where's so-and-so?

Photo: Class of '65

Back in the sixth grade at White Cliff Schoolwith teacher Mr. Hamilton.

Pictures from high school and old yearbooks rejuvenated rusty brain cells and brought back ancient memories.

Look at this isn't that? Remember the time? There's good ole Kayhi!

A July 3rd picnic scheduled at Refuge Cove had to be re-scheduled at the North Tongass Fire Hall at Ward Cove due to a worse-than-usual Ketchikan downpour. But what's a little dampness among friends-especially friends who used to be Ketchikan kids?

The class went ahead with a salmon barbecue and fresh crab feed, consuming lots of seafood and salads and desserts, while listening to the Beatles on a boom box and continuing to get reacquainted. How's your jobthinking 'bout retirementany grandkids?

But late in the afternoon, talk and laughter turned to tears and sadness when Kaaren Kubley began reading a list of names of classmates who had died. Charlene Loomis Taggart stood by holding a bouquet of maroon and gold balloons. To each balloon had been attached the name and picture of a deceased classmate. When Kubley finished, Taggart released the balloons and they drifted and disappeared over the mountaintops.

Photo: Class of '65 Dancers

Strut your stuff! Lynn Leding, Patty Brozena, Robin Finsen,
Carol Erickson, Delores King, Krissy Pearson.

Hey, none of us'll be here forever.

All the more reason to get together

And stay in touch...Are you on e-mail?

On July 4th, class mates gathered to watch the parade. Everyone agreed that parades in K-town were bigger and better back in the 50s and 60s.

Actually, everyone agreed that EVERYTHING was bigger and better back then-back when kids spent more time playing outside

Yeah, we played gameshide-and-seek, kick-the-can, baseball...went skating, sledding, swimming, berry-picking, fishing, hunting...

Played marbles, hop-scotch, read books...

Those were the good ole days!

We'll keep in touch


Class of '65 Reunion Photo Gallery

So, Helen, does anybody else call Ed "Peabody" anymore? Charlene (Loomis) Taggart, Helen (Lorentzen) Graham, Ed "Peabody" Williams

Sure, Alex, whatever you say. Bill Hollywood, Alex Schlais.

Must be time for another roundof conversation. Beth (Urquhart) Bogarde,
Alex Schlais, Bill Hollywood.

John Cochrane, Sue Fison.

Cliff Johnson, Jack Davies.

The Class of '65 and only ONE glass of wine?!

Proud Grandma Joanna (Kennedy) Hendricks with
granddaughter Ashley Kennedy Hendricks.

Anne Lucas, Dennis Nalder, Helen (Lorentzen) Graham.

Sharon Boatwright, Judy (Hopkins) Guyette, Susie Carr.

That same old joke AGAIN! Back row: John Cochrane, Bill Hollywood, Louise (Brinck) Harrington, Beth (Urquhart) Bogarde.
Front row: Bob Caldwell, Kaaren Kubley.

Honest, Judy, I was just minding my own business when out of the sky fell this red, white and blue banner! Harold Moeser, Judy (Hopkins) Guyette.

Hey, Marsha, hold down these chairs before they float away! Marsha Shorts.

What an unruly classwell, at least Charlene is paying attention.

Puleezesay cheese!

Okay, girls, let's all get along now Lynn (Leding) Svenson,
Sue Fison, Anne Lucas, Marsha Shorts.

Remembering classmates who are gone.

Remembering classmates who are gone.

Remembering classmates who are gone.

Look at you, dancehall girl! Charlene Loomis.

A class party - one of many. This one in the Seattle area, circa 1980.


Louise Brinck Harrington is a freelance writer
living in Ketchikan, Alaska. ©2005


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