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Kayhi Nifty-Fifties Reunion
By Louise Brinck Harrington
Photos by Bob Terhar (Class of '59)


July 26, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - One hundred and seventeen people attended the "Kayhi Nifty Fifties Reunion," held in Ketchikan over the Fourth of July weekend.

The celebration began with a no-host bar and cocktail party at Jeremiah's on July 1st, followed by an evening banquet at the Ted Ferry Center on July 2nd. A picnic and barbecue at Ward Lake took up the afternoon of the 3rd and the celebration culminated with the 4th-of-July parade and class float.

A local committee did the work behind the scenes, organizing, setting up and decorating for events. The committee included Judy (Garrison) Auger, Gail (Meader) Alguire, Jeanne (Traversy) Burlison, Michael Cusack, Maxine (Munter) Doyle, Mike Ellis, Shirley (Gregson) Mossburg, Frank (Sonner) Murphy, Kay (Benson) Sims, Terry Storm, Diane (Clark) Thomas, Larry Tillotson and Sheila (Bucey) Zastrow.

The reunion included the classes of 1950 through 1959. Twenty-three classmates attended from the class of 1957 and 21 from 1955. These two classes boasted the highest turn-out.


Around the table--Terry Storm (his wife is hidden), Carl Corbin,
Diane Clark Thomas and Judy Nelson Ridinger.

Audrey (Stump) Gilbert ('57), Jim Miller ('57), Dick Miller ('58 partly hidden), Abbre (Tucker) Madsen ('58), Margot (MacKenzie) Miller ('59).

Clark ('54) and Dianne Stump, Lynda (Davidson) and Bob ('54) Adams.

Diane (Clark) Thomas ('57), George Selig , Sheila (Bucey) Zastrow.

Frank (Sonner) Murphy ('56), Bev (Patotzka) Ohlson ('58), Fran Murphy (Sonner's mom)...

Jim and Gail (Meader) Algquire, Bob Thomas ('57).

Left to right--Des Moore, Bob and Diane (Clark) Thomas, Rosie and George ('57) Mackie, George Selig with back to camera..

Left to right--Karen (King) Eichner, Jean (Smith) Hunt ('55), Marlene (Wingren) Scanlon, Margot (MacKenzie) Miller ('59).

Lynda and Bob Adams, Arlene (Creed) Patterson ('55).

Margot (MacKenzie) Miller ('59) and friend.

Margot (MacKenzie) Miller and Carl Corbin.

Mary Beth (Thompson) Vincent, Maureen (Kinerk) Karlson ('55),
Penne (Simonsen) Maddox ('55).

Mr. Thygeson, Beverly (Baker) Thygeson ('56), Sandra (McGregor) Fenswick ('56), Judy (Burt) Kinsmann ('55), John Kinsmann ('55).

Nancy (Tew) Heacock, Kay Linne, Gerda (Nergaard) Knudson ('53).

Nifty Fifties' Fourth-of-July parade float.

On the deck at the Landing. Under the awning--Tam Murphy, Karen and Werner Sund.

Penny and Mike Cusack

Rich ('56) and Kay (Hines) Andrew

Steve Shrum ('58), Abbre (Tucker) Madsen ('58), Mr. Watts,
Sandra Adams Watts ('58), unknown.

Tore and Margaret Ann (Daly) Lynne ('55).

Trudy (Wingren) Murphy, Class of '56, recuperating from surgery at home.

Vinita (Coulter) Shinn ('50), left, and Gerda (Nergaard) Knudson.

Werner Sund, Martha (Charles) Johnson ('58), Karen Sund, Bill Bailey.


Joe Shinn of Schallerer's (whose mother Vinita Coulter Shinn was in the class of 1950) took group photos of each class, which are available for purchase at the downtown shop or online through Schallerer'



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