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White Cliff
By Frank H. Seludo


September 22, 2006

Let me start by saying that My Grandmother went to that school aunties and Uncles, my brother and sisters and even my niece and nephew went to White Cliff School - this goes back to when the school was first built.

Now let's talk about the last remodel (Schoenbar Middle School) and how much we the taxpayers are paying for that (Schoenbar Middle School). OK now you are trying to get more money from us (the Taxpayers). I would have to support Mr. Pete Lapinski and tear it down and build a new building.

I think that we can spend the money on a good new building that we can start from the ground up, not all remodels go as planned. So let's face it, we need to start spending our money wisely rather then wasting it on trying to remodel. Because if you think about it, our kids are the ones being punished for our decisions. For example, the kids are all spread out through the community rather then being in the same school with their classmates that they are suppose to graduate with.

Frank H. Seludo
Saxman, AK - USA

About: "I am a past council member of the Saxman city council and Saxman IRA and current Board member of Cape Fox Corp I have lived In Saxman all of my 28 years."



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