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Republican Primary
By Rick Krueger


September 23, 2006

Sorry to hear that Kyle was certified as the winner of the Republican Party. Kyle broke President Reagan's primary rule concerning Republicans. If you do not know it, look it up. If you have to look it up, then you are not a "true" Republican which makes sense in this case because Kyle is a "former" Democrat.

I like Kyle on a personal level, but I think that Jim was the right person for the job and, yes, Jim IS a personal friend of mine. I have had my arguments with Jim, but at least you knew where you stand with him. I do NOT trust anyone who changes their "stripes" for political expediency, but, hey, I am old fashioned.

Good luck, Ketchikan. In K-Town, a Democrat could not get elected dogcatcher so they have to change their party affiliation. If the Democrats take back control of the House, how long do you think that Kyle will stay a Republican??? I hope that he does, but who knows......???


Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK - USA

About: "Former Ketchikan resident for twenty-one years...Now living in the "People's Republic of Sitka".




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