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Yes To White Cliff Ballot Initiatives
By Laurie Booyse


September 19, 2006

A great community is measured by how they treat their youngest and oldest members. Ketchikan is blessed to be in a place and time that we can take a step that will nurture and protect both of these very important groups.

By voting yes on the two ballot initiatives for the White Cliff project the citizens of Ketchikan will be telling the senior citizens of this town that we believe they are important enough for us to commit 1 cent for every 2 dollars we spend. Through the years the hard work and commitment of older citizens is what has created this safe & friendly community that we call home. Knowing that my grand mother would have a spacious, warm, state of the art facility to spend her days, share stories with her friends, and attend concerts and plays would certainly be worth pennies to me.

By voting yes to the ballot initiatives the citizens of Ketchikan will be showing the children of this town that investing in the future is a positive way to make change. The White Cliff center will be a supervised haven for our youth and families. I will gladly share my pennies to know that in the wet cold of winter there will be a place where children can safely gather to expand their imaginations and follow their dreams.

When the citizens of Ketchikan chose to support the Rec Center with a tax increase, we all committed to the physical health of the community. And now who can imagine Ketchikan without the ball courts, roller skating and exercise classes ­ open to all and affordable by all. Let's dedicate ourselves to keep moving forward with this process and commit to the cultural health of our community by creating the White Cliff Center.

Laurie Booyse
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About:: I am a year-round resident of Ketchikan who chooses to live here because I have found a safe & friendly community that values all its residents, whether they love to fish, produce a radio show, play ball or perform on stage. There is room here for all of us to follow our passions, and to support everyone else while they do what they love best.



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