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Re: Open letter to all candidates
By Gregory Vickrey


September 21, 2006

I appreciate Carrie James' efforts to raise the implications of aerial application of pesticides and herbicides with candidates for office.

All voices need to be heard and respected by local officials. The issue Ms. James raises is one where the public was ignored. Unfortunately, members of the public are often ignored by our representatives at the table. That will change if I am elected.

Now, to address pesticides:

This is one of many issues I have brought to the Borough's attention, so each sitting assembly member is aware of the situation at Long Island. I called each of the assembly members, and also raised concerns via public comment at a meeting. No one on the assembly returned the calls. The one member of the assembly I reached with a second round of calls told me that the issue had nothing to do with our Borough. This individual also told me that the pesticides issue was "too political". And at the public presentation, each assembly member sat in silence.

Haphazard permitting without scientific evidence of implications on the part of DEC should concern our Borough, because it sets a precedent statewide. Therefore the practice affects all of us. And too political? I believe that any issue that may impact subsistence use and public health, and has the attention of nurses, doctors, Native entities, and fisheries folks is not too political; it's too important to ignore. As a borough we should take every opportunity to weigh in on issues of public interest.

The bottom line is DEC should do it's homework before issuing permits of any sort, and the Borough should take the initiative to weigh in on this and other items in the public's interest.

A responsive and pro-active Borough is what we need to get the type of development we want, the educational improvements we desire, and the opportunities we deserve. That is what you will get with me at the table.

Visit for more info on my campaign. Drop me an email or stop me on the street to share your views and concerns.

Vote for a change. Vote for a voice. Vote Gregory Vickrey for Borough Assembly.

Gregory Vickrey
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: " Gregory Vickrey is a candidate for Borough Assembly, a fellow with an open mind for all opinions, a good dad to two dogs, a terrible soccer player, and someone who believes in daily citizenship."



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