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Yes to White Cliff Center
By Jessica Clark


September 26, 2006

The White Cliff Center presents Ketchikan with an exceptional opportunity to do what we do best: pool our resources in the most efficient manner possible for the maximum benefit to our community. This one project will preserve a historic building, bring community groups together, support arts-based activities, and it will help us recruit and retain a quality workforce. As a local recruiter, it is this last item I wish to address more fully.

In the US today, there are simply less people available to do more work. Healthcare presents a dramatic example of this, but most industries are facing a workforce crisis. Employers are caught up in a frustrating cycle of having too many vacant positions which cause additional stress for existing employees, who are lured away by new opportunities, which creates even more vacancies. Today s applicant no longer looks at the job first; now, it s all about lifestyle. And professionals are burned out. They are tired of breathing air they can see, of grueling commutes that grind to a stop, and of living in over-crowded cities where they don t know their neighbors, teachers or co-workers. Ketchikan has what most of America yearns for- not just opportunities to participate in art or recreation; but a true, high quality lifestyle. Our town comes together at spaghetti feeds, we buy raffle tickets to support each others causes, and we see everyone we know in the grocery store. We also go to music and theatrical events and we see our doctor, our nurse, and our patient in a whole new light. We see them as individuals and as friends. This is how a small town becomes a community.

Ketchikan knows how to pool resources to provide the best services possible. Funding the White Cliff Center will capitalize on this strength. It will bring more opportunities for everyone. It will also show that we value our history, we value our seniors, and we value the arts. I endorse Proposition 1 and 2 on the October 3rd ballot. Please join me in voting Yes on White Cliff.

Jessica Clark

About: "I am writing this Letter as an individual. However, I am a local healthcare recruiter. Having an active arts community is a big draw for potential new employees. We also let candidates visiting our area know if there is an arts event happening while they are here. "


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