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White Cliff-Just Say No!
By Dan McQueen


September 26, 2006

What is with these Art people? A couple years ago they wanted a empty lot near the Spruce Mill given to them - but paid for by us, the tax payers of Ketchikan. That one didn't fly at all!

Now they are trying to again get the tax payers of Ketchikan to help them, but this time they want to ride in on the backs of our Seniors.

Can't they stand up and do this all on their own?

White Cliff was deemed not fit for our kids.

Why would it now be fit for those same kids and our senior citizens?

It is an old unsafe building which should never house kids nor Seniors and should be torn down.

As I and others have said in the past these arts people should stand on their own two legs. Come up with your own funding source. If it is a viable plan, Ketchikan has several banks which would be happy to loan you the money.

Don't use the Seniors' need for a new building as your main reason to save White Cliff! As a Ketchikan tax payer and voter I challenge you to stand on your own two feet and come up with your own private funding!

If the building is torn down, if the Seniors' current property can be sold, then the Seniors deserve our help to build a brand new building. But the Arts people should stand on their own two feet and come up with their own private funding!

Join me Ketchikan by just saying No on White Cliff! Our Taxes are High Enough Already!

Dan McQueen
Ketchikan, AK - uSA

About: "25 year Ketchikan Taxpayer"


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