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White Cliff
By Ken Lewis


September 26, 2006

Dogs Playing Poker is Art.

Art appreciation should not be a one way street. Why is it I feel unappreciated after reading all the justifications about taxing our Island residents for the White Cliff project? According to my simple math, this project will equate to over1000 bucks for every man, woman and child. That is 5K to a family of 5 over time. 14 thousand residents times 1K each equals 14 million bucks. If Buba and da Backwoods boys do not form a legitimate third political party, man purses will be required to change the oil on the truck.

If my taxes help pay for museums to hang art, classrooms and teachers to teach art, public school auditoriums for performing arts and a one percent for arts applies to every public buildings cost factor? Those facts indicate Taxation for Art appreciation already exists. Add to this, my personal support to local artists by purchasing at least 5 grand in their works over time to adorn my sheet rock. And yes, I have kicked in to KRBD and purchased many an art oriented raffle (fund raiser) tickets for 30 years around here. But it is not enough! Nor will it prevent these groups from competing for fund raising monies in this small generous community with all the other non profit, positive alternative groups, not covered by taxation.

If the majority of Ketchikan mAlaska residents or 51 percent want to pay for this project, it could be done by putting one's money where their mouth is: Each of us will receive $1100 perm fund dollars from the State of Alaska in one month! That's a fact; those 51 percent of Ketchikanites can pay this project off in two years by dedicating those bonus checks. This will allow the 49 percent trying to save for a vacation, college tuition, baby formula or snow tires for the family clunker, to set their own family priorities. When did Big Brother make a left turn?

Do not confuse what I just said as anti-art; consider it an alternative to taxes, and believers in a cause as leading by example. Art is good and so is a lot of other stuff. One percent for free beer sounds like good stuff too.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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