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Ketchikan School Board's Motion To Extend Superintendent's Contract
By Karen Hanson Pitcher


September 24, 2006

I was surprised to see on the School Board's agenda for September 27, published in Saturday's paper, a motion to approve a contract extension for the Superintendent. If I remember correctly, about a year ago this Board voted to give the superintendent an extension through 2007.

I'm left wondering why, and who, thinks it is necessary to extend the contract for an even longer period of time at the last meeting before the election. In my opinion, the timing of this decision makes the entire Board look bad. The make-up of the Board may or may not change following the election, but I think it makes more sense that contract extensions be discussed closer to the fulfillment of the contract, and by the Board that is working with the superintendent at that time.

I appreciate the desire to give the superintendent job security but I think that he already has that with his present contract that runs through 2007. It's my understanding that all other administrators are given contracts and evaluated on a year by year basis. In my opinion, this provides for more accountability and more fiscal responsibility, allowing for changes to be made with less cost to the district if circumstances change.

I don't claim to know the reasoning of Board Members for putting this on the agenda now, but I urge the public to join me in questioning this decision prior to the board meeting on September 27 and certainly prior to the election on October 3.

Thank you,

Karen Hanson Pitcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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