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Louise Brinck Harrington
Author and freelance writer living in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Photosarrow gif Ketchikan Reunion Picnic, 2006 (Photos by Carole Housholder Radasch, Heather Robertson, Candy Cloudy Bartsch, Lynda Zaugg, Bev Zaugg, and Bob Terhar) - Hugs, smiles, ice cream and visits in the park.

Hot summer weather, a cool sea breeze, large shade trees, a picnic shelter and wading pool.

It must be the Edmonds City Park on the fourth Sunday of July-July 23, 2006, to be exact-and it must be the annual Ketchikan Reunion Picnic. - More....
Friday - August 04, 2006

Photosarrow gif Jaws-of-Life Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Though the celebration went of without a hitch, it was not your typical ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It was a ceremony of traditions-both old and new.

District One Representative Jim Elkins took time from his legislative duties to come and do the honors cutting the yellow fire-scene ribbon. But no ribbon before or since has been cut with a jaws-of-life, a hydraulic tool for extracting people from car wrecks. - More...
Saturday - February 04, 2006

Photosarrow gif Can Emergency Responders Find You? - It was the middle of the night when North Tongass Fire Department EMS Lieutenant Jerry Kiffer got a radio call that an elderly woman was having a medical problem. During the call the 911 dispatcher, located in downtown Ketchikan, informed Kiffer that the woman lived near North Point Higgins Road and gave him the woman's address. But due to privacy regulations the dispatcher could not relay the woman's name. - More...
Wednesday - January 25, 2006

Photosarrow gif Kayhi Class of 1965 Reunion by LOUISE BRINCK HARRINGTON , class of '65 With help and photos from Bob Caldwell, Bill Hollywood, Judy (Hopkins) Guyette, Charlene (Loomis) Taggart, Anne Lucas and Lynn (Leding) Svenson, all class of '65 - Forty years? FORTY years?

Yep, it's hard to believe!

Geez, where in heck's the time gone? - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Photosarrow gif Kayhi Nifty-Fifties Reunion By LOUISE BRINCK HARRINGTON, Photos by BOB TERHAR (Class of '59) - One hundred and seventeen people attended the "Kayhi Nifty Fifties Reunion," held in Ketchikan over the Fourth of July weekend. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Photosarrow gif Beimler: Local Blacksmith & Teacher of Viking Ways - People swarm around the blacksmith shop located next to Salmon Landing in downtown Ketchikan. A sign above the shop reads "Local Blacksmith." The blacksmith in his leather apron, old hickory shirt and suspenders draws locals and tourists alike. His wares, made from bright copper and shiny steel, glitter on the table. - More...
Monday - June 13, 2005

Photosarrow gif Decades Old Mural Repainted by Original Artist - A big bash will be held soon at the Arctic Bar to celebrate completion of a mural by Lawrence "Snapper" Carson.
- More...
Thursday - April 28, 2005

Photosarrow gif Boat Builder Preserves History in 3-D - Take a good close look at these boats. Start with the Evening Star and observe her smooth lines, high white mast and forward-style house. On her stern sits a dory full of bright orange buoys, coils of ground line, a set of oars. And don't miss her green canvas staysail, covered baiting table and deck loaded with ground line anchors, flagpole markers and other fishing gear. - More...
Saturday - January 08, 2005

Photosarrow gif Old Clover Pass School Stirs Memories Of A Much Simpler Life - Just a short photo-type story about Clover Pass School - that's how this article started out. Just put together a few "then-and-now" photos plus a few memories from former students, add it all together and-bingo-an article. - More...
Monday - November 08, 2004

Photosarrow gif Nautilus V; A dream come true - "Our darkest hour was when we were sitting in Florida and the work on the boat just wasn't progressing. Nothing was happening. We were about to get kicked out of the condo we were renting because it was the busy season in Florida. And we were spending money like a drunken sailor." - More...
Saturday - July 17, 2004

Photosarrow gif Kayhi Class of 1964 Holds 40th Reunion (Photo Essay) - The Kayhi Class of 1964 gathered over the 4th of July weekend to celebrate their 40th reunion. Sitnews caught up with them during a picnic held at the Ketchikan home of Judy (Henley) Berg (Class of '62). Back in 1964 the editors of the class yearbook wrote in the front: "We, the staff of the 1964 Williwaw, hope you will always find pleasant memories in our book."
- More...
Monday - July 12, 2004

Photosarrow gif Exploring The Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary...New growth, old growth, red cedar, yellow cedar, corduroy roads and cross cut saws.
- More...
Saturday - June 05, 2004

Photosarrow gif Vice, scandal and corruption in the First City!.... Extra! Read all about it! Vice, scandal and corruption in the First City!

The headlines flashed across the front pages: "Grand Jury Demands Arrest of Police Captain;" "Police Chief Charged with Keeping Bawdy House and Malfeasance," "Grand Jury Requests Removal of District Attorney."
- More...
Wednesday - November 26, 2003



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