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By Pete Ellis


September 26, 2006

It was nice spending 9 years at White Cliff but I would now prefer to simply honor it's name and tradition by enjoying the presence and productivity of a brand new facility with the same name and on the same site serving more of the community needs than presently contemplated.

Voting NO allows a re-thinking of what has been proposed so that a concept of demolition and a new building with a fourth floor for a library can arise and again be presented for a YES vote.

A new Whitecliff Center, replacing a demolished structure, can certainly include all the plans developed in terms of remodeling concepts with the addition of a new library. This would allow the downtown museum to expand and provide a library facility in close proximity to the west end and it's far greater local resident flow.

Voting NO allows the city to review the current sales tax structure and consider an enhanced summer sales tax and a reduced sales tax in the winter as is the case in Sitka and Homer. It would also provide an opportunity to exempt sales of groceries and residential rental income.

Voting NO ensures that the Schoenbar debacle will not be repeated and that more community needs can be provided and dealt with in terms of a modern building without occupation handicaps.

So please reflect upon the concept of a new four story building named "White Cliff Center" that takes care of many more needs and does so in terms of modern design and up-to-date maintenance requiring minimal care. Just Vote NO to then Vote YES when all the ducks are in a row.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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