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More White Cliff Confusion and Reasons to Vote NO
By Robert D. Warner


September 22, 2006


In a recent "SitNews Viewpoint," Ms Glover describes two historic school buildings that have been successfully preserved in the Seattle area. There are several important factors that were not included in Ms. Glover's "Viewpoint."

(1) In both of the Seattle preservation projects, the old school buildings were sold by the Seattle School District to private buyers.

(2) These historic buildings were renovated and maintained by private investors.

(3) The old schools now generate property tax revenue for local government.

If it is important to preserve Whitecliff School as public property, rennovations should focus on the building's continued use in providing essential public services. Has there been any serious discussion of the possible use of White Cliff as a new Borough office building with a few of the old classrooms set up to relocate the public library?

This proposal, however, supports special interest activities that are not essential services of government. If public funds are allocated to support ballet, theater, and other recreational activities commonly known as the arts, should tax money also pay for bowling centers, card rooms, and video arcades? Where does one draw the line?

If voters approve this scheme and the increased sales tax to pay for it, it will become a permanent expense for our community.

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "34 year resident of Ketchikan and retired Ketchikan Campus faculty member."


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