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Reply to "Start from Scratch"
By Alan Miller


September 19, 2006

Generally, I try to keep my big fat mouth shut but once again, I just gotta say:

Over the course of the last year or more, I have quietly sat by and read the incessant babbling of Mr. Hoff. I have collected just a few of his eloquent remarks which are listed below.

"I believe discrimination and racism is alive and well in Ketchikan and Alaska."

"It is time to fight for what is ours. Remember, it is the Caucasian people that are raping tribal members of all our natural resources and killing our tribes in the process."

"I am urging the Democratic Party, Independence Party, Green Party, Non-Partisan Party and any Parties downtown to work together to vote out these money hungry greedy leeches Republican incumbents and candidates that will destroy and ruin Alaska."

"Stupid minds comes stupid ideas . . . a theory I have."

"How arrogant! Well..."These people in Washington, D.C. that want this bridge to nowhere, They're just a bunch of drunks," Aan Kadax Tseen says."

And finally...

"The real problem is America needs to build our own fuel refineries and open the oil fields in Oklahoma and Texas that is tucked away for a raining day or start a war with the Arab Countries and take their oil and gas like the good old days like they did ours in America."

Mr. Hoff, are you serious? Start a war with another country and take their gas and oil? You sir, should be ashamed of yourself. You proclaim to be some sort of Elder and spokesperson for the Native people of Ketchikan and Alaska and yet you constantly speak of racism, separation and a negative view of anything that represents positive growth for Ketchikan and the surrounding communities.

What kind of example are you trying to set for the young people in our communities? What message are you trying to send?

I have yet to see you submit a positive response to anything with regard to economic growth in SE Alaska. I have yet to see you submit anything positive period. As a concerned Native Alaskan, I would think that you would want to see events occur that benefit everyone in this region, regardless of race.

Hope all is well down there in Hixon, TN. (How many miles is that from Ketchikan?) Perhaps there is a spotted owl that needs a champion.

This, Mr. Hoff, is my own opinion.

Alan Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Lifelong Alaskan, 6 years as a frustrated taxpayer in Ketchikan. Supporter of former DPC John Maki, appreciative of Jerry Cegelske and just plain tired of road construction."


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