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Spraying on Long Island and the
Haloacidic acid drinking water problem in Ketchikan

By Ralph Mirsky


September 23, 2006

Aerial chemical spraying on Long Island = Cancer
Haloacidic acid in the drinking water in Ketchikan = Cancer
Money or health = ??? (Your choice)

Wake up folks, take a look around at your family members, your friends and neighbors how many are suffering or have suffered or have died from various forms of this dreaded disease? I'll bet that cancer has most likely touched everyone in this community in one dreadful form or another. Most of you probably are already aware of the fact that Ketchikan, per capita has a very high cancer rate and we don't need to further exacerbate or add to the cancer problem in, on and or around our surrounding communities by spraying chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

As for the drinking water issue in Ketchikan, what's being done to fix the cancer causing haloacidic acid problem? (Haven't heard anything about that issue lately, is KPU and the city hiding the testing data from us? The tourists are gone by the end of this month let's see some current test data.)

Our politicians aren't going to do anything about these two issues until WE collectively as a community make both issues a major priority. What's more important to you and your family, money or health? Take a stand against this dreaded disease, stand up and tell our newly elected representative, the City Counsel members and Borough Assemblymen that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. No spraying on Long Island and to PERMANENTLY fix the haloacidic acid drinking water problem in Ketchikan.

Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Ketchikan resident, local business owner and recent cancer survivor"




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