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Never been a Democrat...
By Rick Krueger


September 24, 2006

Dear Sir(s),

Since writing my previous letter, I received a call Sunday Morning from Republican Primary winner Kyle Johannsen. He explained to me adamantly that he has NOT ever been a Democrat so it would be impossible for him to change parties.

If someone has the nerve to call me at 7:30 on a Sunday morning on my day off, I will listen. I told him that my assumption was based upon a conversation that he and I had had years ago. After he explained himself at length, I am now taking him at his word on this subject and I am retracting my statement concerning his "former" party affiliation. Sorry, Kyle. You did have the nerve to call and set the record straight, even when I can not vote for you.

With that said, I still do not believe that Republicans OR Democrats should attack each other in public without first having a private dialogue to clear the air. That is how the "other guys" win the election by saying "See, they can not even agree with each other".

Good luck and take my advice on this subject: Do NOT smoke "pot" while you are campaigning and do not "pistol whip" a woman.......

Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK - USA

I thought that Jim Elkins had done a decent job from what I had heard.

About: "Former twenty-one year resident of Ketchikan currently living in the "People's Republic of Sitka"."


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