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Represent who?
By Janelle Hamilton


September 25, 2006

I had to write something as I too have sat back and read the "incessant babblings" submitted by Don Hoff Jr. These are just a few statements of his I want to comment on.

"Prejudice is alive and well in Alaska." We all carry some type of prejudice, if you don't believe that, you are lying to yourself. Prejudice is not limited to Caucasian people.

"We are cowards of our own destiny." What the heck does that mean? And what the heck is eloguent about that statement?

"I don't expect you to understand Indigenous points of view." Again, what does that mean? Gosh, I din't know I had the ability to understand or appreciate things differently than other people just because I am an Alaska native.

"I represents and speak for the Raven House Gaanax adi Clan of the Taa Kwaan only or known as Tongass Tribe that is Indigenous to Ketchikan and surronding areas." So, are you a spokesperson for that clan? Has that clan given you permission to represent them?

Don Hoff has blessed us with his prejudical beliefs and comments. Do not judge the rest of us (native people) by his opinions or think that native people believe as he does.

I asked if Don Hoff was a spokesperson for his clan. Because if I remember correctly, a person who is representing a clan is chosen for his good deeds, strong values and integrity. A person who understands and respects the responsibility of the position as a clan spokesperson. Many of Don's comments are prejudical and downright disrespectful.

I read the one letter where someone was kind enough to try and save Don some embarrassment by suggesting he use correct grammar. So..I will just jump the gun and say what a lot us are thinking. The word is "Time immemorial." Yep, I said it! Take it or leave it, these are just my opinions too!

Janelle Hamilton
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I have lived in Ketchican since 1997 and really enjoy reading the comments on this web site."


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