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Get ready to vote.
By Robert Mcroberts


September 26, 2006

Just a few thing come to mind that have been helping me to decide what or who I vote for. Gregory Vickrey, I like the way you and only you are concerned with Carrie James' letter. The people are who government should be listening to, not the big business. It seems to me if your people are happy, we will prosper. But do you ever listen to someone like me?

I have no head. I am hunting. But I like to bring points to the board. I feel for our senior citizens. I know they need to move from their present location. But there have been many good reasons in letters on this web site why this is not a good choice. To restore White Cliff, to be truthful, the only people who are involved with this thing are the ones saying vote yes. Why is that? Are there not cheaper choices? What about the old hospital site ? At least you could tear it down for less and you're all right downtown were the tourist are. Development cost would be way cheaper if the Government was not involved. Davis Bacon wages are twice the cost if you use your own money. Like one letter said make it something spectacular. Bringing all the tree huggers from the San Juan Island - oops lost a few votes on that comment - when only the wealthy can afford to live here, just who is going to serve them.

Moving on. Who's running for school board. I will have to vote for the ones that have their kids in the school system. They should be the ones who decide what their children are learning - as all parents should have a say. Maybe then the teachers would only get raises when their pupils are getting good test scores. Why is it not made public what teachers in what schools have the highest test scores? But then maybe the charter school would have all the kids. Sorry I peeked. But I am not sure why we're not just running the same teaching methods at all the schools.

The second seat on the borough. Well it's your choice. But i like Mr. Kiffer's way of looking at things. Hopefully he has studied the way things were, as he writes and we don't keep making the same mistakes. I do think it's funny how when it's election time everyone's up for the intertie, then it's forgotten or pushed off because their friends want an aquarium. That's not even a real Aquarium like I had hoped it was. I thought maybe there would at least be a few seals to throw fish at and watch them swim around from under water windows.

If I was in the city I would surly vote for Mr. Bergeron. but I can not vote there. I want to vote for consolidation but a recent permitting task had me so mad I was ready to just give up. I lost two days just chasing down signatures for a job that could have been done in two days. Are they just opposed to this consolidation that they want to make it so difficult? All it is doing is making it so you sneak around. The feeling I get is since they have departments that we're all supposed to have some one just to do permits. Their way of creating jobs in the community at the property owner's expense. We should be able to tell them what we need to do. And they should tell us what they want. Then fax to all departments so they can set up their locates the day before we plan to dig or what ever we're doing. We need to work together here.
As a contractor we should not have to second guess what they want .

Well I am done. You do what you feel is right. Just remember it's just my own opinion. I do have to ask Don Hoff if he uses modern medicines and hospitals, cars and all the other modern things such as his computer. Or do you live in a small village, harvest all your food from nature. Seems to me you enjoy the modern things, so let's move on. Also do you remember playing KYFL back when we played for the 49ers? You were always dog piling us smaller guys. We had only one league -- seniors and little leaguers were all one.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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