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June 12, 2006

Front Page Photo courtesy Knudson Cove Marina

Gotelli Claims First Place In Derby
With 50.5 Pound King
Larry Gotelli and his 50.5 pound King Salmon
Front Page Photo courtesy Knudson Cove Marina

Ketchikan: Gotelli Claims First Place In Derby With 50.5 Pound King; Unofficial 59th Annual King Salmon Derby Winners Announced By M.C. KAUFFMAN - The 59th Annual King Salmon Derby sponsored by Ketchikan CHARR is now officially over and the unofficial results have been released.

Larry Gotelli of Ketchikan netted the top of the prize ladder with a 50.5 pound king. Gotelli weighed in his prize salmon at Knudson Cove Marina on the last day of the derby, June 11th. Gotelli couldn't be reached for comment; however, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Prizes for first place on the ladder total $13,124. When officially confirmed as the winner, Gotelli will take home prizes that include $12,950 in cash, $1,115.00 in gift certificates and a Gore-Tex weather proof cap.

Reported unofficially in second place by Ketchikan CHARR is Doug Rogers of Ketchikan. Rogers weighed in a 49.2 pound king at Mountain Point on June 10th. Second place ladder prizes total $8,625. Prizes include a 15' 4" Gregor Boat MX-570 Tiller with KB1310 King Trailer valued at $6,265, cash and gift certificates.

Unofficially in third place on the 2006 ladder is Jon VanEssen also of Ketchikan. VanEssen weighed in a 44.8 pound king at Clover Pass on June 10th. Third place ladder prizes total $6,405. Prizes include a 2006 T9.9 Yamaha 4-Cycle Hi-Thrust Trolling Motor with extra long shaft valued at $3,200, a Garmin Handheld GPS 60c with color screen including Blue Chart of Americas valued at $740, $700 in cash, and over $700 in gift certificates.

According to Ketchikan CHARR, a total of 3,542 anglers checked out to fish during the 59th Annual King Salmon Derby that ran over a three weekend period. The participating anglers entered a total of 962 kings over the three weekends. The poundage reported by Ketchikan CHARR of all the kings entered in the 2006 derby was 19,705.2 pounds. - More...
Monday - June 12, 2006

Top Stories
U.S. News
U.S. Politics


National: Flag-protection amendment closer than ever to passage in Congress By MARGARET TALEV -  Sometime between now and the Fourth of July, the Senate plans to revisit what over the course of 17 years has become a seasonal rite of patriotism on Capitol Hill: a vote on whether to amend the Constitution to ban protesters from burning the American flag.

Each time, the arguments on both sides are passionate. Each time, the support needed to move ahead with an amendment falls short.

But this year could be different, as two important trends cross paths.

For one, proponents of the amendment appear to have more support than ever in the Senate. They say they are within one vote of the two-thirds majority they need. The House already has backed the amendment. A majority of Americans say they support a flag amendment, and over time all 50 states have passed some form of resolution urging Congress to act.

"We believe once the amendment moves off of Capitol Hill it will be the swiftest-ratified amendment in the history of the nation," said Marty Justis of Indianapolis, a Navy veteran and executive director of the Citizens' Flag Alliance, which for years has led the campaign. He and other supporters will be back on Capitol Hill on Wednesday - Flag Day - trying to round up and lock in support. - More...
Monday - June 12, 2006

National: Congress considers restrictions on Internet gambling By GARY ROTSTEIN - Millions of Americans do it regularly, even though the Justice Department says they're supporting an illegal enterprise.

Major corporations are looking at ways to make a profit from it, even though Congress is eyeing tougher restrictions.

The subject is Internet wagering, a $12 billion-a-year industry in which politics, morals, profits, individual rights and world trade issues merge and sometimes collide head-on.

This week or next, the U.S. House of Representatives is likely to vote on legislation aimed at countering Americans' ability to place sports bets, play poker and otherwise risk money in games of chance on their computers. Similar proposals have passed one or the other chamber of Congress over the past decade, but never both.

Meanwhile, the American Gaming Association is urging Congress to study the online-gambling issue to see if technology has provided a trustworthy way to legalize, regulate and tax online wagering, as Britain is in the process of doing. Industry giants such as MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment Inc. see online players as perhaps their best new opportunity for revenue growth.

Despite its illegality, an estimated 4 million to 7 million Americans are Internet gamblers, with poker driving the latest surge. The state of Washington made wagers over the Internet a felony starting June 7, but officials there have indicated they will not be enforcing the law aggressively. - More...
Monday - June 12, 2006


Fish Factor: Whirlwind of emotion centers around Gulf of Alaska rationalization By Laine Welch - "Gulf Ratz" wasn't even on the overloaded agenda for the North Pacific Fishery Management Council's June meeting in Kodiak. But in an unprecedented attempt to "hear what you like and don't like about what the council is up to," more than one full day was set aside last week to allow people to have their say on one of Alaska's most controversial fish issues.

A whirlwind of emotion centers around a complex new management scheme called Gulf of Alaska rationalization, which aims to divide up catches of 27 different types of groundfish among all users, based on their historical participation in the fisheries. By design, the plan is supposed to end the "race for fish," improve conservation, reduce waste, and provide more economic stability for harvesters, processors and communities.

But a "rationalized" program that began last year for Bering Sea crab resulted in lost jobs for more than 1,000 skippers and crew, a fishing fleet that dwindled from 250 to about 70 boats, and guaranteed quotas for processors that meant fishermen lost the right to sell their catch to whomever they choose. The majority of Kodiak's fishermen fear a repeat with Gulf ratz, and most vehemently oppose the plan. More than 100 of them wasted no time in giving the Council impassioned four minute earfuls, while two armed police officers stood close watch over the packed meeting room. Here is a sampler:

"Past quota share programs (for halibut, sablefish and crab) have not been equitable. Fishermen who catch all the fish and do all the work are denied any rights, and it is all given to the boat owners," said David Foster, his voice choking with emotion. "What right do you have to parcel out what is mine? These are our lives, not just pages in documents. Who holds you accountable? The way these programs have been allowed to go through, you should be spanked in public. You should be ashamed and embarrassed at what you've done to people's lives. You say you have our best interests in mind, but we have not seen it in the past. What guarantees do we have you'll do any better this time? I feel like you're cutting off my head to heal a nose bleed," he concluded to wild applause.

"We've seen what rationalization has done with halibut and crab," said fishermen Chris Trosvig. "It's made boat owners rich while we're left on the beach. Ratz is like some twisted and elite form of communism that makes a select few rich forever. America is the land of the free ­ let us compete in a free and open market."

"We've seen what rationalization has done with halibut and crab," said fishermen Chris Trosvig. "It's made boat owners rich while we're left on the beach. Ratz is like some twisted and elite form of communism that makes a select few rich forever. America is the land of the free ­ let us compete in a free and open market."

"I'm not against rationalization, I'm against privatization. You can achieve all the benefits without giving all the fish away - there are traditional tools to use," said fisherman Alexus Kwachka.

Jack Hill pointed out the difficulties of meshing plans in fisheries that overlap in both state and federal waters, and worried that fishermen will lose their catch histories in one or the other. (Gulf ratz will require that the State change its constitution or laws to accommodate the new program.) - More...
Monday - June 12, 2006



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Obituary: Peter Paul York - Peter Paul York, born March 1, 1951, went home on June 4, 2006. Peter York was baptized Peter Paul Thomas Joseph York and was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. His father was a diplomat and his mother was a physician. Peter York immigrated to the U.S. in 1971 and became a naturalized citizen.

York joined the United States Marine Corps and served in Vietnam, He served for eight years with the Marine Corps. His DD 256-MC shows he earned four Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the RVN Cross of Gallantry, the Vietnam Legion of Honor, and the Vietnam Campaign Medal. - More...
Monday - June 12, 2006

Columns - Commentary:

Dave Kiffer: Should Ketchikan Warm to GLOBAL WARMING? - Our good friends in Juneau are concerned with GLOBAL WARMING.

I have to use all capital letters when discussing GLOBAL WARMING because proper protocol demands that "good stewards of the Earth" always use all caps (the written word version of shouting) for GLOBAL WARMING because it is such an important issue.

Earlier this spring, the Mayor of Juneau, Bruce Botelho, (he got his political start as a youth leader at my church 40 years ago, back before we had ever heard of GLOBAL WARMING) appointed a panel of scientists to study the effects GLOBAL WARMING will have on the future of the Cap City.

According to the Associated Press, Juneau has seen a steady rise in annual average temperature over the past several decades. The Associated Press says that the panel's work is expected to take up to six months and lead to policy proposals and town meetings.

One of the potential actions may be that the city might consider reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, an action taken by some 70 other cities nationwide, also according to the Associated Press. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Bob Ciminel: Lug Nuts - Today's story is about lug nuts. You know, they're those little things that hold the wheels on your car. If you've got wheel covers, you've probably not seen your lug nuts, but they're still there.

Lug nuts are pretty simple devices. They're about an inch-and-a-half long with coarse threads and a head that just happens to fit a device called a lug wrench. There's probably a lug wrench in your trunk.

You put the wheel on the hub; line up the holes in the wheel with the studs on the hub, and screw on the lug nuts. Then you tighten the lug nuts until they don't move any more. Most garages use a tool called an impact wrench to tighten and remove lug nuts, and therein lies the problem. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Rank Magazines - Read this!

Knowledge is solving problems no one else can. Expand your knowledge and get a degree in less than 2 weeks - no study required. 100% verifiable B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. diplomas!
Call now 1-206-984-2822, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Take care, Hazel.

Thanks for the e-mail Hazel, if you're reading this. I am very much interested in expanding my knowledge, but I already have the highest degree in my profession. Furthermore, in my experience, knowledge that can actually solve molecular problems has either come from studying what others have done, or personally studying molecules themselves. I see from your area code that you are in Seattle - can you get me a deal on Starbucks coffee? - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Rob Holston: Psyllium - Since I started using psyllium in my regular diet, I have dropped 18% of my body fat. I'm sure there are other factors that contributed to this improvement in my health and potential longevity, but psyllium played it's role. I'm recommending it to my family and friends and I thought I would do a little research on the internet to see what was known about this product. I found two web sites giving abundant information on psyllium, but what I learned was shocking!

The first local informative medical web site I found in my opinion had some alarming information and was presented in a manner typical of the medical profession. I think warnings are important, but they probably should come after the basic definition of what the product is. This medical web site warned that the most important things to know about psyllium are not to take this product "without a doctor's permission if you are presently experiencing stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, rectal bleeding or difficulty in swallowing." (Although this may be good advice, it certainly puts a negative connotation of the very notion of eating psyllium.) "Take it with enough water or it may cause you to choke!" (How very encouraging!) And last but not least, "If you experience chest pain, vomiting or difficulty in swallowing after taking psyllium, seek immediate medical attention." - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

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