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Admit mistakes, apologize and move on
By Sharyl Whitesides


June 08, 2006

Regarding Ms. Marks Comments on Battle Field: "Better yet, You take on the thankless job of being the Player Agent of Ketchikan Little League I am sure Ginger Cloudy would love to give up her thankless job to you.

Simply put, follow the rules and have a good time. Your family is representing Ketchikan, don't let them down."

I have put a lot of thought into Ms. Marks" comments, so above I have quoted them word for word. I am sorry if you as a Player Agent feel it is a thankless job. Possibly you may want to consider the benefits this would have to many ~ including the joy of watching all the children learn and play a game of baseball. I am a volunteer for many activities that benefit children other than my own outside of baseball and my husband volunteers as the coach of a little league team. So, if I had the extra time I would be more than happy to volunteer my time as a board member and player agent to benefit Ketchikan Little League. My husband is the President of North Tongass Community Club and understands the role of a non-profit, volunteer organization board member. We both have volunteered with other activities such as Cub Scouts for our children.

Now, I agree, my family is representing Ketchikan, and I believe we have held ourselves to a higher standard and act as adults who are in charge of 12 children on our team. Those players and their parents respect their coach and each other. I would have to say that our President and Player Agent are representing Ketchikan as well. Do you not believe that their actions have let down those parents, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers and players that watched their behavior? Not only do they represent Ketchikan they represent the National Little League Organization and they should follow the by-laws and the code of conduct that they expect and demand others to follow.

Many parents work a 8am - 5pm job. The income it takes to raise and support a family these days demands that in most households that both parents work. I understand that a lot of parents have to leave their jobs early to make the games and do not have the time to go home and cook dinner for their families before the games. Perhaps a solution to the "EATING" would be to change the times of the games? I am sure that liberties can be made to accommodate all the families that pay a fee to join Little League and teach their children the game of baseball.

However, the only issue you have really addressed is the "EATING" during games. What about the physical misconduct or not following the rules and by-laws of league officials? What do you suggest to assist with that?

I do not believe that a public spitting match needs to be held. What I do believe needs to happen is that those who were in the wrong publicly apologize to at least the team of SEAPRO and their coach. This would definitely show that we all have the same best interest in mind for our children and that we can hold ourselves accountable and admit a mistake when it is made.

I believe that the President and Player Agent, along with the Coach, and the rest of us want the same thing. For our children to have fun while actively participating in a beneficial sport. Let us all admit when we have made mistakes admit it, apologize and move on.

It is my belief that the board of Ketchikan Little League or the District 2 Administrator or the West Region Little League office has an obligation to ensure that our coaches, managers, assistant coaches, volunteers, parents, players. board members and fans are safe while attending the Ketchikan Little League games and it is their obligation to take action about this complaint. Do you not believe an apology is due?

As I have said, you are definitely right, no eating is no eating. However is not putting your hands on others not just as clear? I have publicly apologized for my actions as a parent allowing the boys to eat. What about our President or Player Agent ~ is an apology above them?


Sharyl Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Sharyl Whitesides is a life long resident of Ketchikan and a mother of five children.


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