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RE: Battle Field
By Susan Marks


June 06, 2006

I am writing this letter in responce to "Battle Field"

I have been a Player Agent for 4 years now in a league of 1200 kids.

The first thing I tell everyon is that I am only a Volunteer. Your league sets up rules for everyone to follow. Rules are not guidelines, they are rules for everyone. Little League also follows rules set up by Little League International in Williamsport, Virginia.

I am confused by this women's complaint of the president and player agent. No eating means just that "No Eating" if there is a game being played the players need to be paying attention to the game not there lunch. If you have a 5:00 game, it's simple feed your kids and husband before the game. Yes the games should be fun, but your hungry kids are not the only kids on the team. There are 10 other kids not eating and wanting to play. I am sure your league is not a "Boot Camp" as you put it. Look around it sounds like your team is the only one eating and it sounds like it's only your family eating. Feed them first. Better yet, You take on the thankless job of being the Player Agent of Ketchikan Little League I am sure Ginger Cloudy would love to give up her thankless job to you.

Simply put, follow the rules and have a good time. Your family is representing Ketchikan, don't let them down


Susan Marks
Keizer, OR - USA

About: Susan Marks is a Player Agent, Baseball Oregon

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