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Thank you Ketchikan
By Doyle Cowart


June 08, 2006

Dear Ketchikan

Greetings from Texas. My name is Doyle Cowart, I was a good friend of Butch Freeman, the pilot that lost his life in yalls town this past year.

We thank you so much for all the prayers and thoughts that you have given in the past few months it has meant a great deal of comfort to the family and also to friends. I would like to know, has the family that has been displaced by the crash site, how are they doing? Are they back in their house? Are their injuries healing? Please let us know. We all wish them the best and pray that they can get through this too.

jpg Butch Freeman

Here is a pic of Maj Butch Freeman at my house clowning around with my horse.

Well, good news. Family and friends of Maj Butch Freeman will be there in Ketchikan July 2 thru the 7th Friday. We cannot wait to get there and to meet such good and decent people. Ketchikan has really stepped up to the plate in all of this.

Thanks so much Ketchikan. God Bless.

Doyle Cowart
E-mail: doycowz[at]
Groves, TX - USA


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