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Principal's demotion
By Karen Pitcher


June 09, 2006

When I heard the news about Larry Eklund's demotion my reaction was exactly the same as John Goucher's, "What are they thinking?" I'm sure by now the School Board and Superintendent Martin have received many emails, letters and phone calls regarding this issue because Mr. Eklund has the support and respect of many segments of our community.

I remember when he and Celia first arrived in Ketchikan. They immediately set out to become an integral part of our community, visible at many activities and events right from the start. I believe that this sense of community is very important to Mr. Eklund; in both schools where he's worked, he has made it a priority to foster a sense of community between students, parents, faculty and staff and has been successful in doing so.

During the last couple of years he has endured professional and personal hardships but he has continued to do his job. If anything, he should be commended for providing positive leadership during difficult times. I hope the School Board and Mr. Martin rise to the same level of leadership and change this decision.

Karen Pitcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: I am a 34 year resident of Ketchikan, past Kayhi PTA officer, who cares very much about education and the young people of Ketchikan.


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