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By Rob Thomas


June 10, 2006

This viewpoint is written in response to the Susan Doherty's recent letter concerning the so called "facts" surrounding the demotion of High School Pricipal Larry Ecklund. I don't know Larry Ecklund nor do I know Susan Doherty, but I do know School Board President Russell Thomas.

Russell is a business owner, father as well as being my older brother. I felt inclined to write this letter when reading that Mrs. Doherty indicated that Russell (and other Board Members) were conducting themselves in a manner that was "unprofessional and dishonorable." Never seeing Susan Doherty's name on an election ballot of any kind leads me to believe that she has never served as an elected official. I personally am thrilled that we have the "local oil man" and "the lady that sells washers" who are willing to give up personal time and energy to serve in a thankless job. I am wondering where all the support for these people has gone? Russell, as well as other Board Members have very busy personal lives. I can't count the hours Russell spends on board business outside the weekly board meetings. This is time away from his job as well as his family. As a coworker of Russell's I have personally covered for him on numerous occasions so he could deal with Board business.

Why is everyone willing to rush to the aid of an administrator who is making a six figure income while at the same time bashing those members of the School Board doing it for free? I am not familiar with the issues surrounding the demotion of Larry Ecklund, but I do know that just because he enjoys being around kids doesn't mean he is an effective administrator or that he is performing the job duties he is assigned.

My suggestion to Susan Doherty is if she doesn't like the job that is being done by the current Board she needs to run herself. Maybe the $80.00/month that it pays will offset the Advil purchased to deal with the headaches caused by ungrateful community members.

Rob Thomas
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Rod Thomas is a lifelong resident of Ketchikan. He is also a father and concerned citizen.


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