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Adults need to set the good example for sportsmanship and decorum
By Neil Gray


June 09, 2006

Susan Marks and Sharyl Whitesides both make some good points in their letters about this Little League situation that's been discussed. Yes, Player Agent is a tough job, but it has to be handled diplomatically. You have TOO many people to please and you CAN'T please everybody all the time.

League officials are not above the rules of local, Regional, or National Little League. Case in point. There was a situation that ocurred in a Senior League game I was helping umpire at Norman Walker Field. The President of the League at that time was in the stands and acting very unsportsmanlike and making some unneeded comments. We as umpires in charge of the game asked him to leave, which he did. I don't remember how the league handled it, but I believe they did.

I always enjoy Ken Lewis' tongue-in-cheek comments about baseball. Yes, he always stuck up for his players when he was coaching Sons Of Norway Majors. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I mentioned the one time I asked him to watch the remaining innings of one of his games from across the street instead of the dugout! Even at that, we remain friends.

Adults in Little League need to set the good example for sportsmanship and decorum. What message does it send if they act like fools or beligerantly? I recall one Little League on the East Coast about 20 years that banned adults from the games. It should never come to that.

Let the kids play, follow the proper rules and procedures, and everybody will be happy.


Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: Coached Ketchikan T-Ball; Past Umpire in Chief of Ketchikan in the 80's; umpired Little League and high school baseball in McMinnville, OR and San Diego, California.


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