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Ketchikan has produced some incredible young athletes
By Gabe Easterly


June 09, 2006

If it makes it easy to hear from someone other than Ken Lewis, please let me try to explain, our baseball program has produced some incredible young athletes. We our very privileged to have some of the greatest coaches in the state living in our city. Although not all parents may agree, Ken Lewis knows more about the game of baseball than 90% of Ketchikan residents, he is a part of the 10% that live there lives around getting to the ball park by 4-5 p.m and spending the majority of there weekends there also.

Ken's enthusiasm for the game is what made us into one of the most competitive team's ever to come out of Ketchikan. Between Ken and Tommy Craig they have turned more teams into Champions then I can count, they never once taught us that winning was everything, but that winning and losing with class was.

Tommy Craig and Ken taught more about life lessons through baseball than any of us could have possible learned in school. The lessons taught on the fields in Ketchikan should never be compromised, by someone's child who just can't take a grounder in the face or line drive in the shins, or wait to eat until after the game, I know it's a cruel game, but if we don't install the basic fundamentals of the game into our kids now while they are young, Sitka and Juneau are going to come here each year and kick our backsides in, our baseball players needs all the good coaches we can get, please throw away your differences and come together as a community our children our depending on us.

If we do not make changes or at least adjustments our future baseball players will never make it out of Southeast, which in the most competitive three teams in the state if we can get past Sitka and Juneau we can go all the way, we have proven that time and time again.

Gabe Easterly
Bellingham, WA - USA

About: Born and raised in Ketchikan, Coached by Tommy Craig and Ken Lewis from tee-ball to our last game (The State Championchip 1997)

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