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Mean-spirited, public apology owed
By Gigi Pilcher


June 10, 2006

In Ms. Doherty's letter to SITNEWS she states that she feels "compelled" to send a copy of her e-mail that she sent to School Board President Russell Thomas. She goes to mention that she had received no reply to her e-mail. In my opinion, her e-mail is one of the nastiest and mean-spirited e-mails I have read since the infamous "recall". Did she really think an e-mail like that would be dignified by a reply?

And,what is her motivation in wanting something so nasty and below the belt "shared' with the public?

I am not sure what an entire church congregation has to do with a governmental matter as there is separation of church and state (?) but then again Ms. Doherty may be placing herself and her opinion on a higher level then the rest of us.

Ms. Doherty is once again (recall election) implying that a boycott of the businesses of the school members will be organized. In my opinion, that comes very close to a black mail tactic. Does Ms. Doherty have so little confidence in the process that she has to resort to such tactics to get her way?

In my opinion, she owes Mr. Thomas and the board members a public apology.

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Gigi Pilcher is a34 year resident of Ketchikan and a mother of six.


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