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A passion for baseball
By Tracy DeBruler


June 11, 2006

Thanks for the history of Baseball in K-town. Was that Ken Burns or Ken Lewis?

What Ken Lewis has is passion for Ketchikan baseball. Every time I come up to visit and see Ken, It's Ketchikan Baseball, Ketchikan Baseball, Ketchikan Baseball. How can I make these young men better people through the game of baseball? His dedication and legacy will go down along with the likes of the Clark Cochrane's, John O'Brian Sr, Bill Weiss, Jerry and Evelyn Collins and the countless others who dedicated their lives to Ketchikan's youth when I was a young man growing up in Ketchikan.

The hamburger incedent reminds me of how much the discipline and game has changed since I was growing up in the 70's. Ken's brother Ralph coached Sr. Little League many years back in the day. He happened to be my coach when I was scheduled to pitch the championship game for the league championship. I wore my hair down to my shoulders those days (It was the 70's). Ralph warned me to cut my hair before the game or I would not pitch. Since I was the star pitcher, I showed up without my locks cut knowing he wouldn't pull the star pitcher from the game. Ralph promptly told me that not only would I not be pitching, but I woudn't be playing. After sulking at the end of the bench, he did say he had a solution. He had two assistants hold me down and took out an open razor and promptly chopped all my hair off for all to see. It worked and we went on to win that day.

Many lessons I learned during this impressionable time are still with me today. I appeciate your passion for Ketchikan baseball. Kudos to you Ken, Keep It up.

Tracy DeBruler
Eureka, CA - USA

About: Tracy DeBruler was born and raised in Kethikan. He currenty resides in Eureka, CA.

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