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"Concerned Horde of Citizens" then as now
By A.M.Johnson


June 10, 2006


"When board members don't observe process that is when they deserve to be recalled."

Mr. Harpold is correct. His dissertation regarding the current situation is correct as well.

There is important key information regarding the last "Recall" of school board members the public should be reminded of. The charge of not following policy was "Alleged" not proven.

The recourse available to the five of us members to this "Alleged" charge was in Superior court. Collectively we did not warrant the desire to spend the estimated $25,000.00 to hire legal talent for what we knew was trumped up charges. Safe to say we know we did nothing wrong and we, as well as this reformed band of popenjays under the guise of "Concerned Horde of Citizens" then as now, know what they did was skullduggery. That is the past, but one learns from history. Hopefully.

Tragic, still today, with exception of the brave few primary grade teachers continuing to teach Spalding reading instruction, the remaining primary grades are continuing flawed instruction resulting in dismal results. The five recalled board members were about change to address the failure of the educational system regarding primary grade students succeeding with reading too or above grade level. the system would not tolerate change. We had to be eliminated pronto.

In my opinion parents with primary age student(s) would do their children best by seeking those primary teachers using Spalding. At the very least, parents should ask to view their child's potential teachers track record on reading and math scores.

Interesting to note that the same players that succeeded in derailing our efforts to eliminate Academic Child Abuse, the true reason behind the recall, are forming up once again.

Should be again fairly easy for this bunch to obtain in-house free legal assistance to establish another "alleged" case.


You can not, have not, and will not besmirch my Honor or my Character
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A.M.Johnson writes he is "One of five proud recalled boardmembers with the guts to face flawed educational practices."

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