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"Veiled" threats
By Rick Krueger


June 10, 2006

Dear Editor,

I concur with Chris Elliot and Mike Harpold.

It is the same people that organized the original recall. "If I do not get things my way, I will pout, whine, handwring and threaten some sort of retaliation against a business that an elected official owns".

The same thing did happen with Ben Williams because I saw the threatening letter. The ONLY reason that I did not read it on the air and name names while working at the radio station was because I was asked not to do it by the party involved.

I personally like Sue Dougherty, but she did cross the line. "Veiled" threats are still threats. HELLO!!!!!

I remember that I was constantly attacked or called names because I took a stand based upon facts that I had at my disposal. Not one of these people had the cojones to call me on the air and give their name and then debate me. Sort of like all the "brave" insurgents (terrorists) in Iraq that have to wear a mask while being filmed. At least Sue signed her name......

Hope that this response finds all of you well.....!!!!!!

Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK - USA

About: Rick Krueger is a former twenty-one years resident of Ketchikan.

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