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Follow the rules... everyone
By Sharyl Whitesides


June 07, 2006

I appreciate Ms. Susan Marks' comments about being a players agent and about food. However, as a players agent Ms. Marks should know that it IS UP TO THE UMPIRE of the game to enforce the rules and conduct of any team, league offfical and fans. You totally neglected the fact that our players agent and president acted inappropriately.

I must tell you, actually it was not either of my sons or my husband who was eating. It was an eight year old boy at that time. Our assistant coach along with three parents witnessed the misconduct of the players agent as well as the other teams, parents and fans witnessed the misconduct of the President who did this on the field at the end of the game with our coach.

Yes, rules are rules. I am sure you would have been just as appalled as the other parents, myself and the coach in this situation. What I see you saying is that our boys and girls on Ketchikan Little League and their parents and coaches should follow the rules. However, let us all excuse the misconduct of our players agent and our President and allow them to break the rules. I am thankful that the rules are in place and we have the West Region to follow up with in this matter. It is the job of the President and the Players Agent to uphold the integrity and conduct of the Ketchikan Little League. What actions do you propose are taken with the President and the Players Agent for their misconduct? I didn't see you say anything about those problems. You just shamed me and my family because you believed it was us who were eating.

Why is it that the food is what is being focused on? After the Players Agent came (I believe the 2nd of 4 innings) no one ate anything and the team followed all league rules.

Why is the focus not on the misconduct of the President and the Players Agent? I am sure you know the code of conduct Ms. Marks and are aware this code was broken by these actions!

Neil Gray, Thank you for discussing the rules of baseball and how the Umpire has the right to take control and eject people from the game.

The board has not responded to this letter on sitnews. I contaced our District Administrator separately by phone and email and he has not responded. I believe our district Administrator is out of the state right now and he will respond when he returns. I have also sent all of my correspsondance to the Western Region Office of Little League. There have been no apologies made by these officials to the kids or to the coach.

However, during our game last night there was plenty of gossip and dirty looks flying. I am sure there will be repurcussions for Tony as his wife (me) has spoken out about misconduct with league officials. This is a taboo when you have politics involved. Tony is a good coach and he treats all the the kids on his team well. He is well liked by the parents and the players. As well as the same goes for his Assistant Coaches. However, being well liked won't stop the retaliation in Ketchikan. It certainly will be interesting to see if Tony coaches again next year or to see how he is treated from here on out.

During last year's season all the teams were allowed to snack outside the dugout. This year it appeared this was allowed as well. We are not the only team that has eaten food in this area. However, since this incident NO ONE on our team will break that rule again. I am sure those parents who have allowed their children to eat would glady publicy apologize if that would remedy the situation. I can guarantee our team, SEAPRO, will not do this again.

I would not have written this letter to begin with if the President had not acted with anger and force to our coach. We have all been putting up with the nasty comments from our players agent all season. No one had enough nerve to say anything until now. I find it degrading to our Coach to be treated the way he has been and actually shameful to others when this is happening. The coach, yes, my husband, did not want me to put these letters here because he is familiar with the politics of Ketchikan Little League. I acted on my own and will continue to ask ~ Why has this behavior been allowed? I sent a much more detailed letter to our Administrator and to the West Region which included all the information for a full investigation of these issues.

I believe had the appropriate actions been taken from the very beginning and if our Players Agent went to the Umpire OR that if there were complaints about food issues brought to the attention of our coach, Tony Yeisley, in a kind and appropriate manner this would never have resulted in a near physical fight due to aggressive behavior by our President.

I am accountable for my actions. I have allowed my boys to snack outside of the dugout on different occassions. I have stood by and watched other children on different teams, including SEAPRO, eat outside of he dugout and stand at the concession stand and have even allowed those children to order food from me in concessions when we were in a game. I apologize for breaking league rules and will not continue to do this. I apologize for all those other parents who have done the same and will do my best as a volunteer to the league and as a parent to assist others in learning the rules.

Where is the accountability of Ketchikan Little League Officials? Are you going to accept responsibility for not following the code of conduct and not following the rules? Are you going to accept responsibility for your actions and admit that you could have followed the appropriate rules concerning these matters and that maybe your approach needs brushing up on? I know this letter has been read and that chatter is running rampant over it. I have heard your comments and I have not said anything publicly that I would not say directly to either of you personally.

I would stand behind any other coach in Ketchikan Little League if this happened to them. It is NOT because I am Tony's wife. The misconduct of the President and the Players Agent needs to be addressed. Quit trying to focus on the kids' breaking rules when you don't follow them yourself!

Sharyl Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Sharyl Whitesides is a life long resident of Ketchikan and a mother of five children.


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