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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
June 11, 2006

Front Page Photo By Robert Gustafson

Sleeping Fawn
Front Page Photo By Robert Gustafson

Top Stories
U.S. News
U.S. Politics


National: Hostettler's remarks about border draw angry rebuke from Canada By MARA LEE -  Newspapers across Canada reported Rep. John Hostettler's views during a hearing Thursday that there's an enclave of South Asian immigrants in the Toronto area who are radical Islamists, and repeated his quote: "We do not want to have to worry about a neighbor that has a very different attitude than we do about terrorism."

Reuters reported Friday that those in the Conservative and Liberal parties in Canada called the Indiana Republican "ignorant."

Bill Graham, head of the Liberal party, asked what the government was doing to "stand up to these unjustified and abusive attacks on Canada, making sure that the American media and the politicians understand and speak the truth?"

Jason Kenney, parliamentary secretary to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said, "I join with the leader of the opposition in repudiating those completely uninformed and ignorant remarks that we heard yesterday." - More...
Sunday - JUne 11, 2006

Alaska: Alaska's bridges face new hurdle in Congress By DON HUNTER - An Illinois congressman has persuaded the U.S. House Appropriations Committee to pass an amendment that would block spending any federal money on Alaska's proposed Knik Arm and Ketchikan bridges.

Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, a Republican who represents suburban Chicago, offered his amendment to an appropriations bill for several federal agencies during a committee meeting Tuesday. It was approved in a voice vote, according to congressional staffers and Transportation Weekly, an e-mail newsletter.

The state has been counting on that federal money, because the bridges would cost hundreds of millions each.

It is not clear how far Kirk's amendment will get.

Steve Hansen, communications director for the House Transportation Committee, chaired by Alaska's Republican Rep. Don Young, said the full appropriations bill is expected to come to the House floor soon, perhaps as early as next week. Young likely will try to strike Kirk's amendment through either a floor vote or a procedural challenge, Hansen said.

"It's part of the whole package . . . but Congressman Young is opposed to it," Hansen said. "It's an issue of contention that most likely will be addressed on the floor." - More..
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Ketchikan-Kanayama exchange students in Japan
Ketchikan at Sugata Elementary in Kanayama Japan
Photo by Hiro Sugiyama and Tony Hatano-Worrell

Ketchikan: Ketchikan-Kanayama exchange students in Japan - After six months of attending Japanese school to learn culture and language, working on welcome and farewell speeches, performances, fundraising and donations from the community, 16 students and 5 chaperones departed Ketchikan on Thursday June 1, 2006 for Kanayama Japan as part of the 2006 Ketchikan-Kanayama Exchange.

The group arrived in Kanayama Japan on Sunday June 4, 2006 greeted with a Welcome Party from their host families, each student and chaperone had the opportunity to tell their new families something about themselves in the form of a welcome speech which they spoke in Japanese followed by a group performance. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Executive Council...

Executive Council of Central Council Tlingit
& Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Gives Report of Meeting

Executive Council members
Left to Right: Dana Ruaro formally of Ketchikan, Robert Sanderson Jr. of Ketchikan, Richard Peterson, Edward Thomas, Richard George, William Martin, Jacob Cabuag Jr., and Krista Lamp.

Alaska: Executive Council of Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Gives Report of Meeting - According to information provided by Jodi Wolf, CCTHITA Publications, all Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska's Executive Council members were present for a spirited and productive three-day meeting that was held on May 30 through June 1st at the Vocational Training & Resource Center (VTRC) in Juneau, Alaska.

The meeting opened with President Edward Thomas giving a historical overview of the Tribe and the Tribe's experiences in contracting for federal programs over the years; this was followed by an orientation to the Council on the role that a Board (Council) plays in an organization such as CCTHITA. The Council viewed an Effective Meetings video, and also took the time to list some "Meeting Conduct Standards" that outline how members should treat one another in meetings. The Council wishes to make sure that each member is free to speak their mind at any time, but to do so in an orderly and respectful manner. - More..
Sunday - June 11, 2006


Alaska: Governor: Stikine and Taku Chinook Fisheries Providing Shot in the Arm for Southeast Fishermen - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski said Friday he is gratified that fish and game management efforts for Stikine and Taku River salmon stocks have allowed a second year of directed commercial Chinook harvest after many years of being shut down. The total Chinook harvest so far this year in the directed commercial fisheries has topped 23,400.

"I am very pleased that the Department of Fish and Game has been able to open the Stikine and Taku areas to Chinook salmon for the second year in a row," Murkowski said. "The salmon populations have rebounded to the point that runs are strong and healthy and the commercial fishery is able to make a contribution to the area's economy."

Of the total Chinook salmon harvest, 22,400 have been taken by the drift gillnet fleet, and about 1,000 have been harvested by trollers. Sports fishermen are also benefiting from liberalized bag limits and expanded methods and means. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

The Week In Review By THOMAS HARGROVE - U.S. locates and kills terrorist leader al-Zarqawi

Acting on tips from within the al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist group, the U.S. military located and killed the most wanted man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, by dropping two 500-pound precision bombs on his meeting place Wednesday night. "Now Zarqawi has met his end, and this violent man will never murder again," President Bush said. The terrorist group quickly put out a statement vowing to continue its insurgency, and five bombs were set off shortly after al-Zarqawi's death, killing at least 31 people. "Whenever there is a new al-Zarqawi, we will kill him," vowed Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Wall Street tumbles after Bernanke promises inflation fight

A remark by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday that the Fed will remain vigilant in fighting inflation prompted a broad three-day sell-off on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 400 points before beginning a modest rally mid-day Thursday. Bernanke told an international monetary conference that core inflation has risen to an annual rate of 3.2 percent even as economic growth seems to be slowing. "These are unwelcome developments," he said. Investors fear the Fed will begin a new round of interest hikes to combat inflation.

Hamas vows to end truce with Israel

Hamas' military wing announced Friday it will end its truce with Israel after seven Palestinian civilians, including three children, were killed by an Israeli artillery strike. "The earthquake in the Zionist towns will start again," the group said in leaflets distributed around the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military said it had tried to fire upon suspected Palestinian rocket-launchers, but instead the artillery hit a family picnic along a Gaza beach instead. Israel and the Palestinians declared the truce in February 2005, and Hamas generally has abided by the cease-fire.

Congress hikes penalties for broadcast indecency

The next time a television network broadcasts a so-called "wardrobe malfunction" like Janet Jackson's performance at the 2004 Super Bowl, broadcasters will face fines of up to $325,000 per incident. Congress on Wednesday gave overwhelming final approval for a tenfold increase in penalties for indecency. The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act does not affect cable or satellite shows, however. President Bush praised the law because it "will make television and radio more family-friendly." - More....
Sunday - June 11, 2006



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Columns - Commentary:

Dave Kiffer: Should Ketchikan Warm to GLOBAL WARMING? - Our good friends in Juneau are concerned with GLOBAL WARMING.

I have to use all capital letters when discussing GLOBAL WARMING because proper protocol demands that "good stewards of the Earth" always use all caps (the written word version of shouting) for GLOBAL WARMING because it is such an important issue.

Earlier this spring, the Mayor of Juneau, Bruce Botelho, (he got his political start as a youth leader at my church 40 years ago, back before we had ever heard of GLOBAL WARMING) appointed a panel of scientists to study the effects GLOBAL WARMING will have on the future of the Cap City.

According to the Associated Press, Juneau has seen a steady rise in annual average temperature over the past several decades. The Associated Press says that the panel's work is expected to take up to six months and lead to policy proposals and town meetings.

One of the potential actions may be that the city might consider reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, an action taken by some 70 other cities nationwide, also according to the Associated Press. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Bob Ciminel: Lug Nuts - Today's story is about lug nuts. You know, they're those little things that hold the wheels on your car. If you've got wheel covers, you've probably not seen your lug nuts, but they're still there.

Lug nuts are pretty simple devices. They're about an inch-and-a-half long with coarse threads and a head that just happens to fit a device called a lug wrench. There's probably a lug wrench in your trunk.

You put the wheel on the hub; line up the holes in the wheel with the studs on the hub, and screw on the lug nuts. Then you tighten the lug nuts until they don't move any more. Most garages use a tool called an impact wrench to tighten and remove lug nuts, and therein lies the problem. - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Rank Magazines - Read this!

Knowledge is solving problems no one else can. Expand your knowledge and get a degree in less than 2 weeks - no study required. 100% verifiable B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. diplomas!
Call now 1-206-984-2822, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Take care, Hazel.

Thanks for the e-mail Hazel, if you're reading this. I am very much interested in expanding my knowledge, but I already have the highest degree in my profession. Furthermore, in my experience, knowledge that can actually solve molecular problems has either come from studying what others have done, or personally studying molecules themselves. I see from your area code that you are in Seattle - can you get me a deal on Starbucks coffee? - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

Rob Holston: Psyllium - Since I started using psyllium in my regular diet, I have dropped 18% of my body fat. I'm sure there are other factors that contributed to this improvement in my health and potential longevity, but psyllium played it's role. I'm recommending it to my family and friends and I thought I would do a little research on the internet to see what was known about this product. I found two web sites giving abundant information on psyllium, but what I learned was shocking!

The first local informative medical web site I found in my opinion had some alarming information and was presented in a manner typical of the medical profession. I think warnings are important, but they probably should come after the basic definition of what the product is. This medical web site warned that the most important things to know about psyllium are not to take this product "without a doctor's permission if you are presently experiencing stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, rectal bleeding or difficulty in swallowing." (Although this may be good advice, it certainly puts a negative connotation of the very notion of eating psyllium.) "Take it with enough water or it may cause you to choke!" (How very encouraging!) And last but not least, "If you experience chest pain, vomiting or difficulty in swallowing after taking psyllium, seek immediate medical attention." - More...
Sunday - June 11, 2006

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