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Hello from Kanayama!
By Bonnie Sullivan


June 11, 2006

Hello from Kanayama! I couldn`t think of a more perfect place to say hello to the Ketchikan community and the parents of this year`s Kanayama exchange program students, but through sitnews. We have been here for one week now, with one more to go. What an incredible experience we are having. First of all, everyone is doing great...all present and accounted for with only one student experiencing an episodic tummy problem. We have been so busy visiting schools throughout the region of Gero everyday; playing and visiting children from 9th grade down to 1st. We have been received with the utmost kindness that words cannot even begin to describe. We have had octopus for breakfast, fish jerkey for lunches and vegatables never seen before for dinner. I am sure that many pictures and stories of our new found cuisine will come home with each student, and chaperone. But most important, a new awareness of a culture so diverse from our own, but yet filled with the same compassion for life and play so like our own. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to share, learn and love these wonderful citizens of Kanayama. To see our flag proudly joined together with the Japanese flag in center stage at city hall is a wonderful reminder of how close our two communities are. See you soon!

Bonnie Sullivan
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Bonnie Sullivan is Ketchikan lifelong resident; mother of two.


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Sunday - June 11, 2006




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