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Consider ramifications of supporting actions of superintendent
By Wendy Gierard


June 13, 2006

Never mind that the recall election was FIVE years ago, the one thing that is not recalled in the latest round of rehashing the past is the fact that five board members were recalled by the MAJORITY of Ketchikan voters, not by one person alone and not by one segment of the community. The petitions alone had signatures that spanned generations and political parties. Attacking one person for the actions of many is really uncalled for.

With that said, I do hope the School Board seriously considers the ramifications of supporting the actions of the superintendent. My child will be in the high school next year, not because she is a ninth grader, but because the District never found an acceptable solution to the Schoenbar issue, other than a piece-meal approach.

In the latest situation, the School Board has the opportunity to be proactive and guide this district in a direction that supports students, staff and administrators. If the School Board wants the public to believe they are looking out for our students' best interests, they will not allow the seemingly random act of the Superintendent to demote the principal of the high school. This district has had enough chaos and upheaval in the last three years. The one stable factor has been the High School, the administration at the high school and their willingness to incorporate, first White Cliff, and then middle school students into their building.

The only other question I would ask is WHO was the Superintendent planning to appoint to the job of high school principal? Is there someone more qualified in the district? Is the District planning on doing an outside search, incurring the cost of advertising, interviewing and relocating a new high school principal in tough budget times? Is there any planning or long term thought process for the district when it comes to personnel hiring?

I would really like to see the School Board lead this district into the future on a positive note; with positive relations between parents, teachers and administrators; and with the goal of doing what is best for our children's education so that Ketchikan can be proud of our School District.

Wendy Gierard
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Lifelong resident. Currently a concerned parent with children enrolled in this district.



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