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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
July 26, 2006

Front Page Photo by Mike Martin

Southeast Alaska's Intertie Projects Back On The Table
The Swan Lake Project is located approximately 22 air miles northeast of Ketchikan, Alaska, on Falls Creek, which drains from Swan
Lake to Carroll Inlet on Revillagigedo Island
Front Page Photo by Mike Martin

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Ketchikan: Southeast Alaska's Intertie Projects Back On The Table; Governor Forms Southeast Interties Work Group By DICK KAUFFMAN - Regarding Governor Frank H. Murkowski's decision to fund a study to determine whether there are sufficient economic reasons to complete the Swan Lake-Tyee Intertie project, Ketchikan City Councilmember Charles Freeman said, "All in all, it's the best thing I've heard in two years because all we've heard in two years is no - and sometimes worse than no."

The Governor, along with Chief of Staff Jim Clark, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Commissioner Mike Barton and Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority Project Manager Jim Strandberg met for three hours with officials from across Southeast in Petersburg on Monday to discuss the economic feasibility of exporting hydro power from Southeast Alaska and in completing the Swan Lake-Tyee Intertie project.

"This Intertie issue is important to everyone in Southeast Alaska," Governor Murkowski said. "We have got to come together to find a way to address the growing demand for lower-cost electricity while balancing that need with the needs of our neighbors to the East." Murkowski said, "I believe excess power can be generated from the Thomas Bay and other projects to be able to profitably export hydropower to B.C. Hydro."

"I'm looking forward to the day when the electricity is coursing through the lines providing for economic development throughout Southeast Alaska as well as reduced costs for rate payers," Murkowski said.

The Governor announced to the newly formed work group Monday that he had arranged for an appropriation of $3.2 million to Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) and the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) for a maximum six-month study to determine whether there are sufficient economic reasons to export hydroelectric power from Southeast up the Bradfield Canal.

Jim Strandberg of AEA will supervise this study and the Governor has asked DOT/PF Commissioner Barton to put together a steering group to help guide the study.

If this study determines that there is an economic basis for the export of hydropower Murkowski said he would do four things:
1. Ask the Legislature for a supplemental appropriation to this year's budget to complete the Swan Lake-Tyee Intertie
2. Ask the Legislature for a supplemental capital appropriation to fund the prefeasibility study
3. Begin discussions with Nova Gold and BC Transmission Corporation to determine how power from Swan Lake-Tyee could be used to meet their needs
4. Negotiate with the U.S. Forest Service for a right-of-way for a power line up the Bradfield Canal near Ketchikan. - More...
Wednesday AM - July 26, 2006


Alaska: Alaska candidates for governor rake in campaign cash By KYLE HOPKINS - Republican candidate for governor John Binkley has raised more than $1 million for his campaign, but more than a third of that is his own money, according to a report Binkley filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Monday. Among the major candidates for governor who had reported their campaign revenues by Monday evening, Binkley leads the pack. Incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski, a Republican facing Binkley and Sarah Palin in the Aug. 22 primary, didn't file his 30-day report before the commission closed its doors for the day, but he had until midnight to mail it or send it electronically.

With four weeks to the primary, Binkley's report says he still has $181,000 left to spend - and time to raise more.

Palin has raised a fraction of Binkley's total - about $295,000 - and had $38,000 left in the bank as of the close of the filing period, July 21.

Raising a lot of money doesn't guarantee a win, but it does help candidates connect with voters through ads and travel. Murkowski spokeswoman Michelle Delaney said the governor's report wasn't ready as of late Monday night and said she couldn't say how much money he's raised.

Palin said last week that she expected to be outspent 4 to 1 in the primary.

Binkley, a Fairbanks businessman, said he started his campaign with less name recognition than Murkowski and Palin and knew changing that wouldn't be cheap.

"You have to get your message out to people, and they have to recognize you and get to know you. . . . that's an expensive process."

According to the report he filed with APOC, Binkley wrote at least four personal checks, worth a total of $365,000, to his campaign fund. - More...
Wednesday AM - July 26, 2006

Alaska: Governor Expands Special Session Call - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Tuesday expanded the call of the legislative special session underway, adding a bill relating to law enforcement investigations and making an appropriation to study the feasability of a natural gas spur line to Southcentral should lawmakers move forward on the proposed Stranded Gas Act contract.

Back up for consideration is Anchorage Senator Con Bunde's Material Witness bill, which passed both the House and Senate during the regular session, but failed to pass a conference committee substitute before the end of the regular session.

"Concerns over community violence are growing and can not be ignored," Murkowski said. "This bill gained bi-partisan support from lawmakers. Not only that, though. It also carried significant momentum from law enforcement officials around the state. Including the areas of greatest need: Anchorage and the Interior." - More...
Wednesday AM - July 26, 2006



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National: Scientists split on heat wave cause By KEAY DAVIDSON - In the past, most weather experts hesitated to blame short-term weather events - say, a terrible winter storm or a nasty heat wave - on longer-scale climate shifts like global warming.

But this week - as many people flee to air-conditioned theaters to watch Al Gore's global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth" - the latest sweltering weather is starting to look to many like a calling card of global warming. - More...
Wednesday AM - July 26, 2006

National: Ready for disaster? Feds, locals disagree By MARISA TAYLOR - Contractors from the Department of Homeland Security fanned out across the country in April, asking state and local officials alarming questions about how ready they were for new natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

If another hurricane like Katrina hit, the contractors asked, how would thousands, even millions, of people evacuate? Would a warning system alert the entire state? What would happen to the bodies of the dead? - More...
Wednesday AM - July 26, 2006

Ketchikan: The Arts This Week - An evening with storyteller Joy Steiner happens at the Library on August 1st. Joy Steiner turns language into a celebration. Meet silly tricksters from around the world. Hear about the lively adventures of small brave heroes. Remember the gentle contagious power of kindness. Join in the fun of the rhythm and the rhyme. Joy's Isoka flute will tickle your ears. Her voice and expressions will make you smile. Come celebrate storytelling. Listen to stories with Joy! Call the Library for more information 225-3331.

Storyteller Joy Steiner

Shakespeare Workshops: Acting Shakespeare workshop with Ketchikan raised Ty Hewitt will explore the meaning in the works of Shakespeare through acting. This workshop runs July 25, August 1, and August 8 from 7-10pm at the Creek Side Meeting Center (formerly the Wellness Center) at 640 Park Ave. The fee for all three workshops is $50, and actors 15 yrs. and older with or without experience are welcome. Contact the First City Players to sign up or for more info: 225-4792.

Lighting Workshops. Learn about dance lighting design and basic lighting instrumentation by a visiting professional Lighting Designer. Lighting Design 101 takes place Wed. July 26 and Thurs. July 27 from 6-9pm in the Kayhi Auditorium. These workshops are free and open to the public. Call the Arts Council for more information at 225-2211. Sponsored by the Arts Council with generous support from the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

Summer Family Films featured at the Library every Wednesday in July at 3pm. The final viewing will be on Wednesday, July 26th with "Homeward Bound". Join the fun with Family film afternoons.

The Fish Pirate's Daughter, Ketchikan's original musical melodrama plays again for its final weekend this Friday and Saturday, July 28th and 29th at the Ted Ferry Civic Center with an All-You-Can-Eat crab feed starting at 7:30pm. A First City Players production, Fish Pirate's is back for its 40th season. For more information call First City Players at 225-4792. Sponsored by SE Sea Pilots Association, SE Stevedoring and First City Players.

Blueberry booths still available! From now until July 28th or until space is filled, those interested in holding a booth for the 2006 Blueberry Arts Festival can register by phone at 225-2211, in person at 716 Totem Way, or download a form online to fax to 225-4330 at Don't wait these booths spaces will not last.

From the Tongass to the Arctic in Oil, on display at the Mainstay Gallery through July 28th, 2006, features oil paintings by local artist Diane Burton. The Mainstay Gallery is open Monday- Friday, 10am-6pm located at 716 Totem Way.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Every Friday night from 7-9pm is your opportunity to cut a rug with your fellow dancers. Enjoy salsa or ballroom at various locations around town. Call Tina Mander at 617-1284 for exact location information.

Brian Straw, the Stack Brothers and Chris Corrao in concert Sunday, July 30th at 7pm, at That One Place at the New York Hotel. The kitchen will be closed, but the bar will be open, $5 at the door. This show is open to all ages, a guaranteed good time! - More...
Wednesday PM - July 26, 2006

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