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Become more active in Ketchikan Little League
By Sharyl Whitesides


July 14, 2006

Mr. McColley is pointing out some very good points about Ketchikan Little League and the way it is not for the kids but for the Board Members and favorites of the league. I was not going to write another letter about my friendly baseball experience this season but feel that it is appropriate to go ahead since All Stars is over and our coach, Tony Yeisley, has already felt and received all the repurcussions for my letters that he was promised not to.

Mike I am sorry to hear about the unfair treatment your son has been through while being a star performer for Ketchikan Little League. I am sure that his efforts and sportsmanship were appreciated by many. There are many other youth that feel the same disregard and disappointment for thier efforts.

I filed a complaint regarding the President, Reggie Rinehardt, getting physical with the coach of our team (who happened to become my husband this May 6th). Since Tony (the coach) didn't file the complaint it was not taken seriously. I was given less than 24 hours notice to attend a meeting on a Saturday morning at 8am to review the complaint with the board. All of the parents who were standing within 4 to 6 feet of what was happening were called and felt that Reggie was out of line and breaking the code of conduct that the league has.

However, even though Dinah Pearson received this information the board still chose to say that he was not out of line and no apology was due! All we asked for was for the President to apologize to the coach! Most men would stand up and do this without a blink of an eye. However, not this President or this league.

When I tried to get a response from Dinah Pearson, who assured me that she would get back to me, she ignored my emails and my phone calls. She didn't have the time to deal with this issue. I emailed Reggie Rinehardt myself and he didn't respond to me asking if I can review meeting minutes and if the board follows Roberts Rules of Order. I tried to call our District Administrator, Duane Bell and he does not call back or respond to my emails. All of which I have kept for documentation purposes.

Finally I get a hold of Dinah. She tells me the board has chosen to do nothing and that Tony's behavior was wrong and that is that. I ask her for the board's decision in writing and if I can get it that same day.... she says yes. To this day I have not recieved ANYTHING from her or from the Ketchikan Little League Board.

How is that for good sportmanship? All I have heard is how Reggie has put in so many hours volunteering for the league and it is his last year here so let it go! Ok, so assault a coach and get verbally abusive in front of the kids and let's not look. Everyone please turn your head because he is special. All that was asked for from President Rinehardt is to apologize and hold yourself in a higher standard as you represent Ketchikan Little League.
Tony was asked if he wanted to coach the All Star Team for the 9 & 10 year old "select" team. Of course he wanted to since he did last year as well. Well no way did he get to after my letters! For the remainder of the season he was scoffed at, talked about in the stands by board members and our team was labeled because I took a stand on what I believe in as a paying parent to our league and a volunteer!

I asked how long each seat for the board is and was told one year. Which means all the seats of board members are coming open for election. When is the election held, where is the election held, how can I get information on the election process in ADVANCE so those people who want to be nominated can be? There are some very qualified parents, community volunteers and current volunteers to the league that would best suit this board and stop the political favors and get the league back to where it should be ~ ABOUT THE KIDS AND FOR THE KIDS!

I encourage those families, parents, grandparents, volunteers and community members to become more active in Ketchikan Little League! Join the board, become a volunteer, come umpire and attend the games. Support all those boys and girls who are learning to play ball and teach them good values.

As for this letter, I know that the board reads SitNews and I have heard that many people read my letters. Who will respond? Will Ketchikan Little League answer the questions asked? Do the parents who pay for the league, volunteers of the league, youth in the league and our community have the right to know what is happening? SURE they do. If someone was taking money you would all be asking questions. As far as I am concerned we ALL are having our money taken and we are paying for a service that is not being provided in the way the bylaws and policies say it will be! Why is no one concerned about breaking codes of conduct and political favors then? Is it because your children don't participate or you too are afraid of the repurcussions you will get from speaking out?

On a better note, I do want to thank all of those who volunteered their time to the league, the umpires and coaches who came and made this possible for the kids. There are a few people I particulary appreciate from this season but don't worry, I won't name you so you can be free of this political mess and get treated the way my family has been.

Sharyl Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK - USA



About: "I was born and raised in Ketchikan and a mother of 5 children.



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