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School Board & Superintendent
By Mike Harpold


July 19, 2006

I would not be surprised if Mr. Martin views his relationship with the School Board to be just the opposite of Mr. Hurley's perception. Sitnews Wednesday, 7/18/06. In recent school board meetings, board members voted only narrowly to uphold his decision on one personnel action, reversed him by a vote of 1 to 5 in another, and finally, after intense debate and discussion extending over three meetings, adopted a new student activities handbook he had recommended the board approve.

Although I don't always agree with Mr. Martin, and was not an early admirer, I have come to appreciate the stability and sense of forward direction he has brought to education in Ketchikan. Prior to Mr. Martin, the school district went through three superintendents in a four year period and the community was sharply divided over how best to educate our children. Those arguments have faded during his tenure, and I feel that most would agree that the school district is headed in the right direction. Under Mr. Martin and the school board's guidance, the school district completed a strategic plan three years ago, it was updated just a few months ago, and it has proven a successful blueprint to move forward.

While, plainly stated, the role of the school board is to set policy and the role of the superintendent is to carry out policy, both must always act toward a common result; in the words of our mission statement, to, "... ensure that every student has the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed." Achieving this goal successfully requires both the board and the superintendent to at times lead, and at other times follow, but at all times they must cooperate.

Mike Harpold
Ketchikan, AK - UDSA

About: Mike Harpold is a school board member.


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