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Do Your Part!
By Kara Steele


July 21, 2006

First of all, I love Ketchikan, I always have, and I always will. I come back here every year not to fish, but to enjoy my family and friends. While I am here, I am house sitting for my brother and his wife at Herring Cove. Every year I am literally appalled at how many rude, bad mannered, litterbug tourists and locals that walk across their OWNED tidelands. There are signs everywhere, stating its private property, and not to tresspass, but do they listen? No. My brother had to go so far as to post signs recently on an old log float that is slippery as all get out, to keep tourists and locals from clammering their way onto it to get past the water rising below them. It's private property period. They come here without tide books, so they have no idea when the tides are, or when the tide will be high, so they get stranded. Then, it's like watching a mass exodus of cats who despise water grasping at anything to keep from getting wet. After that they come into the yard to get to the road. It's just amazing how rude people are.

The fishing isn't the problem, it's their attitude and disrespect for their property. What is the difference? What if you had a huge lawn, and suddenly people started coming across it to get to your neighbor's swimming pool? There is no difference. You would be mad, would be putting up signs, and about ready to go ballistic. Many attempts to call the authorities would be made, but they would only be able to prosecute if you had "proof" of the trespassers in the act.

People it's simple. When you are coming to fish in an area that is obviously posted as private property, respect that and teach your children what that means! Do not bring your unleashed animals with you, your trash, and other garbage that only gets picked up by the land owner. This includes the many fishhooks, line, and other junk that is left at the area when you leave. How about picking it all up before you leave? Or, come down on a minus tide and help pick up the mess we have. You would be in shock at what we find! We have animals and children that like to swim in this area, we don't need to have to worry about a nasty treble hook in our feet or animal's feet. No one wants that.

Local folks should know better, they live here year round. Maybe this letter will get the point across that enough is enough. Or it will fall on deaf ears. As for the tourists, they need to be shown that this is not a free for all and they shouldn't be allowed to just go anywhere they please. Cab drivers, tour companies know this area, they need to be more responsible in letting people know where not to go. Tourists who come into this community with the attitude that we owe you fish and Alaska is just a playground for you to muck up: Please go home. Real people live here 12 months out of the year. We love our state, we respect each other. If you cannot come to our state with good manners and the respect for us that we once had for the tourists, then we'd like you to stay home.

Kara Steele
Ketchikan, AK - US


About:" Lived in Ketchikan for over 30 years. Every year, I fly down from Kenai to house/pet sit for my brother and sister-in -aw out at Herring Cove. Every year, I watch how their property is trashed, disrespected and trespassed, even when there are signs posted everywhere that it's "PRIVATE PROPERTY" "NO TRESPASSING" "KEEP OFF LOGS".





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