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Support Troops, Not The War
By Janelle Hamilton


July 19, 2006

I have been reading all the interesting comments about the "VW Bug" and the owner who had the "audacity" to put that automobile in the 4th of July parade. I do think it was not in good taste to be talking to children about the Alaskans who have died in the war but also believe that she had every right to advertise her beliefs and participate in the parade.

I agree with Lou Ann Richardson's comment that people may not be against the troops but be against the war. I support the troops but believe that the United States should not be waging war against Iraq. I am grateful to be a citizen of the United States, I greatly appreciate the people who lived and died for our freedom! Reading all the comments written by people has made me think about my values and beliefs about war. For example, I am grateful that the United States does not have an active draft program as we did during the Vietnam war. During the Vietnam years, I was a teenager going to school in a small village.

One day our teacher brought up the subject of the Viet Nam war. He asked us our opinion, did we support the war and if not, why? And, what was our opinion of the deserters who fled to Cananda. I was the only person in that class room who did not support the war, who did not want deserters shot on sight. My reasons, I do not believe that someone can tell me I have to take up arms and shoot anyone. I do not belive that anyone should be forced to take up arms and shoot someone if they do not want to. I believed that if that deserter believed as I did, more power to him and hoped he made it to Canada safely!

I bet if the President of a country had to go into battle like men of today and past wars, they would sure fix the problem in a hurry! Ok, yes, I enjoy my freedom with out having had to fight for it and can have an opinion I won't get shot for!

Janelle Hamilton
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I have lived in Ketchikan for almost nine years. I have no expertise on the subject, just an opinion too!"


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