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Tax and Spend - Why does government think they are entitled?
By Marvin Seibert


July 14, 2006

I been following comments in this forum of the Sitnews online news service and are dumbfounded by some of the comments I have read on Taxation. Mr. Bergeron wants 50% or more of the oil company profits. Let me ask anyone out there, would you settle for 50% of your paycheck? I realize that we are if you put Gross against Net but I'm talking about 50% of net. Would you continue to work? The oil companies invest X amount of dollars for a return of a predictable amount of money. Does anybody believe that the oil companies would not raise their prices to make up for such a money grab? Don't you believe that we the consumer will make up the difference? What arrogance leads the government to believe they are entitled to 50% of the profits? Right now the oil companies make approximately 14 cents for every gallon of gasoline that is sold, the state and federal government make anywhere from 40-50 cents per gallon, they do not make the investment, they don't do the work, they do not even take the financial risk! They even force the service station owners to be their tax collectors. It is easy to start class warfare and say "Let's Tax BIG Oil" but remember we all get our energy products from that "BIG" oil company that government promotes jealously about. If you want more expensive energy, bigger government, higher taxes Mr. Bergeron is your choice.

On Ballot in August is a host of new taxes to dampen and cripple the tourist industry. The $50 a head tax, the 33% Gambling tax on Cruise ships, and a corporate tax as well. The people of Southeastern Alaska that own small businesses that profit from tourism should remember if that money that normally goes to buying souvenirs has to go to Taxes we all will be worst off. The average Tourist is on a limited budget, most saving years to take a cruise, and if they have to pay more for that cruise they will definitely cut back on the amount they spend in our local town economy. If the cruise ships have to pay larger taxes they won't loose money they will just raise their rates. I say vote against these draconian taxes and keep the money flowing into the small business owner's pocket, not some bureaucrat's bottomless pit!

Government needs taxes, but they don't need the amount that punishes achievement of the small business owner of Alaska! When it comes right down to it, do we know how to spend the money better at the local level or does the state and federal government know?

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Spring, CO - USA

About: "I currently reside in Colorado Springs and enjoy visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people."




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