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Bostwick Timber Access Road
By Chuck Moon


July 21, 2006

Does this mean that the trees around Bostwick Lake are going to clear cut? This is prime hunting and fishing grounds, not to mention a great place to hike into and relax. Do I want to go ice skating in a clear cut, not to mention crabing in a silted bay. Where are the plans or did I miss something. I am not against logging but there are places more suitable than our Rec areas. Hope I read the article wrong and if so I apologize.

Chuck Moon
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "RN for 6 yrs. Charter skipper since 88 in the SE."


Latest News:

Construction Under Way on Bostwick Timber Access Road - Work has begun on the 7.2-mile Bostwick timber access road on Gravina Island that will connect the Lewis Reef Road on the westside of Ketchikan International Airport with the Bostwick Bowl in the middle of Gravina Island. The road will provide access to a state timber sale currently being negotiated with Pacific Log and Lumber. Work on the road is being funded through Governor Frank H. Murkowski's "Roads to Resources" initiative. - More...
July 21, 2006

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