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By Anita Hales


July 21, 2006

Regarding Mr. Bergeron's complaint about taxes: We are a government by the people and for the people. It is government's responsibility to supply services. These services cost something. Thus we have taxes to pay for them.

Even a poor person receives services from the government, probably more than anyone else. If you want to be responsible and own the democracy, you need to be paying for it even if it's only a little. If you have your hand out to government all the time and expect everyone else to pay for your services, you become the slave of government.

Oil companies pay taxes and should not be exempt. Neither should we. To say we should make the big guys pay so we don't have to is ignorant and thwarts the principles on which our democratic republic was founded. There is also a trickle down factor. The more the big guys pay, the less they have for development and job creation. If you want to encourage more oil development, punishing them by huge taxes won't get other companies to invest in our state. True freedom comes with responsibility.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: 40+ years residing in Ketchikan.


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