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Mixed Messages
By David Blasczyk


July 21, 2006

The messages about Alaskan energy resources are becoming difficult to understand. The message from the republican administration down south is that we are having a national energy crisis, and the only way to help is to drill for more oil in Alaska s pristine wilderness areas. We have to do this right now to keep America safe and self sufficient. Now I am hearing from the republican leadership here in Alaska that if we don't hurry up and take this "gas pipeline deal" that the window of opportunity to get our natural gas to market will be gone forever.

In sales it is always better to make the buyer think that if they don't take this deal right now it will be gone forever and they need to buy right now. In reality a better deal is available for those savvy people who hold out for a better deal.

Alaskans can respect the integrity and courage it took for Mr. Myers to stand up to Governor Murkowski and inform us that his deal was not good for Alaskan's. I am also aware of what happened when the big corporations involved in the energy industry were allowed to write the nation's energy policies.

The worst case scenario is that we keep our trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and develop a pipeline to Anchorage and Fairbanks with the extra billions from a fair tax on the remaining oil in Prudhoe Bay. Then we use the revenues from this to build our own pipeline south. This would mean Alaskans take full advantage of its resources. If we do it slowly, we can build the industry from the ground up. We can take the time to train Alaskans to work every aspect of this industry and employ more Alaskan's for a much longer period of time, and we can make our natural resources last for hundreds of years and not just fifty.

David Blasczyk
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: I am a resident of Ketchikan and independent voter and thinker.

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