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Little League Involvement
By Neil Gray


July 19, 2006

Thank you Dave Timmerman and Dinah Pearson for your comments on Little League Involvement and All Star Selections.

INVOLVEMENT is very important. In the years I was involved in Ketchikan (and in Oregon) I found it was always the same parents in the stands watching, and in the concession stand working to cook burgers and dogs. Who were the ones to complain? The parents who had NO involvement.

Here's an actual scenario. I was umpiring a Senior League game with Carl Pederson at Norman Walker Field. I called a third strike for the final out on a batter (of course it was a strike!!) to end a rally. His father was standing at the fence on the third base line about 20 feet away from the playing field. His comment came out loud and clear, "Looks like somebody out there needs some glasses." Rather than get irritated, Carl and I produced a rule book, waved in front of the obnoxious parent, and invited him to become an umpire. At that time we were short of umpires, and found ourselves going from game to game at Norman Walker doing 4 - 5 games a week. His comment echoed what is a very common reply: "Oh no, I can't do that! I don't have time." We didn't hear one word from him the rest of the game.

All Star selections (as I stated in an earlier response)will always be controversial. Have you ever noticed many parents are living their dreams through their kids? I had two sons who played Little Leage in Ketchikan and twice felt they should have been selected to an All Star team. But, we accepted what was dealt. Life went on. And by the way, they are both doing very well in their respective careers, despite not being that All Star Team.

I too have always felt parental involvement is essential. I have always told employees of mine if they have a problem with the way things are running, bring it to my attention, along with a solution. Don't leave a complaint blowing in the wind.

Little League can take a lesson from that.

In the meantime, good luck to the All Star Teams as they head into the S.E. and State Tournaments! If the Major League All Stars make it to the Western Regionals in San Bernadino, I'll be there for KFMJ to broadcast those games back to you.

Thanks again, Dinah and Dave. And to everybody else: Remember to keep things in perspective.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

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