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By Allan Cline


July 21, 2006

I showed up to work early this morning and actually received an email from my uncle with the link to SitNews. As I began reading these viewpoints, I noticed all the complaints in the viewpoints about Ketchikan's baseball programs and the fall of the programs.

I grew up in Ketchikan and began playing tee ball at the age of 5 and played for Emmerson and Marcie Nelson. Many have question coaching technique of theirs, but never the less they were great coaches on and off the field. They demanded respect and hard work of their players. Those who played for the Nelson's know that a ball between the legs equals a lap around the field. The intentions were not to be cruel but to work at becoming a better player and develope skills that would ready us for the next level.

After the Nelson's where done teaching me the game not long after did I fall in the hands of Tommy Craig (TC) to you that know him and Kenny Lewis. However, I did have the opportunity to play for them (Dave Brown included) in major because I was one of those All-Stars that did make the team every year. And no my mommy wasn't a board member nor a coach. I was able to do this every year because of the way my coaches prepared me on the field.

Ketchikan is the perfect place to mold a successful team even if you don't have all the talent in the world. I say this because, I can tell you every member on all my All-Star teams each year and every member on the Kings my varsity years. Why? Because it was the same group of guys that I started playing tee ball with. We always performed, but every year we got better and better. Tommy Craig, Kenny Lewis, Dave Brown, and the Smith brothers are the main reason for Ketchikan's success in the past. I hate to break to you folks in Ketchikan ,unless you have a coaches of this caliper, you going to continue to struggle.

There is no question that Ketchikan produces very talented baseball players, but if we keep letting our parents retard our players you better be ready to be handed that participation ribbon. Ill tell you what, you think this level of ball is hard, I sure hope you don't have aspirations of your kids playing college ball. You think Kenny throwing away that poor kid's hamburger was bad, you might want to consider spending his college money on a boat. The kenny I remember would have eaten it so he was taking it easy on him. Let him be the coach he is and I guarantee results. Let's see a little pride up there again.

Allan Cline
Paso Robles, CA - USA

About: " I was born and rised in Ketchikan. Alumni of Kayhi Class of 1997. Played baseball from tee ball at the age of 5 until last year of varsity in 1997."



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